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Jiva Tattva Souls


All living entities including the demigods like Brahma, Indra, Vayu, Varuna, Yamaraja, human beings, animals, birds, in­sects, acquatirs etc fall in the category of Jiva Tattva. The demi­gods are the empowered administrators of universal affairs. Though they undoubtedly have great powers, still they are all ordinary living entities subordinate to Krishna For example, Brahma, the chief of the demigods, is a post just as the Prime Minister of India is a post. And just as it is possible for an ordi­nary citizen to become the Prime Minister if he acquires the nec­essary qualifications, similarly it is possible for an ordinary liv­ing entity to become Brahma, if he follows the principles of varnashrama dharma perfectly for 100 lifetimes. The specialty of the post of Brahma is that he is the first created living being within the universe and is directly empowered by Krishna to cre­ate the 8.4 million species of life


An analogy will explain the relative positions of Krishna and the demigods. In a big production firm, there are many workers under a Supervisor. Many Supervisors are controlled by a Shop Superintendent (SS) Engineer. Many SS Engineers report to the Works Manager. Many Works Managers report to the Managing Director. The Managing Directors of several companies present the overall profit and loss account to the owner. The owner does not have to take part in the management affairs of the companies. He can stay aloof from the management by delegating all the work to the various Managing Directors and just relax and enjoy life.In the same way, though Lord Krishna is the proprietor of all the universes, He never takes any part in managing them; He is aloof from the material world, simply enjoying loving pastimes with His devotees in the spiritual world - Goloka Vrindavan. Yet out of His causeless mercy He comes to the material world at scheduled times, to reclaim the suffering souls back to the spiri­tual world.


And just as there are so many administrative officials who look after the management of the company, similarly there are crores of demigod engineers who manage the affairs of this uni­verse. For example, Indra is incharge of rainfall, Vayu is incharge of air and wind, Varuna is incharge of the water bodies and so on.