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Do demigods really exist?


On reading about this elaborate universal administration, one may wonder, "Is it a reality or is it just the figment of the imagi­nation of some primitive aboriginal tribes? What is the need for so many demigods? Can't everything in nature happen by itself?" However such questions themselves reveal a fundamental flaw underlying most modern thought. Everyone unanimously agrees that even a small experiment conducted in a laboratory cannot succeed without expert monitoring and control. And yet it is a very great wonder that these very people readily believe that all the incredible phenomena happen in nature without any expert intelligence behind them! With the so-called advancement of materialistic civilization, the whole world is trapped in a rat race for money making. The lives of people are centered around sex and luxury. Having lost their intelligence due to such sense enjoyment and material opu­lence, they imagine that the whole world has been shrunk by the modern networking communication systems and that everything in the world is at their fingertips. Infatuated by such phantasma­goria, they propagate their own (mis)conceptions about God and rehgion. They say that all the demigods and their related histories mentioned in the Puranas are all mythological and that we don't have to take the meanings literally. They consider these valuable Vedic literatures to be outdated.


But, despite all their boasted scientific advancement, such people have not been able to conquer the forces of nature. Far from conquering, or even facing, the forces of nature, they are repeatedly and helplessly smashed by the forces of nature. They are like insignificant croaking toads smashed to powder by the material nature, which is like a majestic elephant. Every now and then we hear news of cyclones claiming the lives of thousands, tides wreaking havoc in cosmopolitan coastal cities, thunderbolts destroying hundreds of houses and so on. Man has no power whatsoever to control these forces of nature like cyclones, torna­does, droughts, floods and famines. Though America is consid­ered to be the most technologically advanced country in the world, when there was an earthquake in Los Angeles, one of the most important cities of America, all the people ran out of their houses screaming in mortal fear. They were terrified, thinking, "Now death is coming!" No one wants such natural calamities. Yet they are imposed upon us. Who is imposing them? An intelligent person sees, through the eyes of the scriptures, that these great forces of na­ture—water, fire, wind etc - are all presided by demigods who control them according to the will of the Supreme Lord, Shri Krishna. The Supreme Lord Himself says in the Shrimad  Bhagavatam (3.25.42) :


mad bhayat vati vatoyam suryas tapati mad bhayat

varshati indrah dahati agnih mrtyus charati mad bhayat


"It is because of My supremacy that the wind blows out of fear of Me; the sun shines out of fear of Me, and the lord of the clouds, Indra, sends forth showers out of fear of Me. Fire burns out of fear of Me, and death goes about taking its toll out of fear of Me."


The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, says in the Bhagavad-gita that the natural laws are working perfectly be­cause of His superintendence. No one should think that nature is working automatically without superintendence. The Vedic lit­erature says that the clouds are controlled by the demigod Indra heat is distributed by the sun-god, the soothing moonlight is dis­tributed by the moon-god Chandra and the air is blowing under the arrangement of the demigod Vayu. And above all these demi­gods is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the chief living en­tity.