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Do Things not Happen by Chance?


Many people foolishly think that everything in nature goes on automatically. They don't accept the scriptural fact that there are presiding deities (demigods) for controlling water, air, fire etc. They conclude childishly, "Everything happens by chance." But how can anything happen by chance? It is true that nature is work­ing, but nature, after all, is nothing but matter. Matter cannot work without being directed by a living being. We cannot say matter works independently. In the ocean we always see that there are great waves moving. Water is dull matter, but the air is push­ing these great waves and dashing them onto the earth. Scientists admit that nature is working in a wonderful way, but, after all, nature is not under their control. Then under whose control is nature working? Saying that nature is acting automati­cally may be a convenient escapeway, but in reality such an ex­planation is utterly childish and foolish, as can be understood from the following examples:


• Suppose a child approaches a door in an airport and the door suddenly opens. The child may conclude, "The door has opened automatically!" But the fact is that an engineer has designed the door-opening mechanism to be controlled with the help of photocells. However all this is beyond the understanding abil­ity of the child and therefore he arrives at his childish conclu­sion.


• In a five-star hotel, as soon you put your hand under the tap in a wash basin, the water comes from it even without your turn­ing or pressing it. To the ignorant, it may appear that this is happening automatically, but a similar mechanism has been in­stalled by an intelligent engineer.


Thus for every action that happens, there is inevitably an in­telligent being behind it. And this is all the more true for every Well-orchestrated action Therefore it would be childish and unin­telligent to think that all the wonderful phenomena in nature happen automatically, by themselves. We may be knowing how the rains come - the sun evaporates water from the ocean, clouds are formed, the winds move the clouds to above the landmasses,  the clouds shower down rains, the rainwater flows as rivers back into the ocean and the whole cycle keeps repeating itself. But we do not know why the rains come. To get an answer to this question, we should consider what would happen if there were no rains? Without rains there would be no grains and without grains, man would starve to death. This is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita (3.14) annuel bhavanti bhutani parjanyad anna sambhavah "All living beings subsist on grains and grains are produced due to rains." And. despite his much boasted scientific progress, man can manufacture only nuts and bolts in his factories, not grains; thus for his basic sub­sistence, he is helplessly de­pendent on the rains. There­fore we can understand that the rains are a part of an in­telligent design of the entire cosmos meant to enable all living beings to survive. And the same is true for every as­pect of nature; it: is designed very intelligently so that the various life forms can sur­vive. Whenever we talk about intricate design, a question that naturally follows is: who is the mastermind, the super-intelligent designer, behind this incredibly complex, yet perfectly  orches­trated, design? It is, as the revealed scriptures explain, the Su­preme Lord acting through the agency of the various demigods. We arrive at the same conclusion even if we consider how things are happening in nature. Even if we want to simulate rain­fall on a microscopic level in our laboratory, we need expert in-tellisence. Then when rainfall occurs on a macroscopic level in nature, does it not require any expert intelligence? Therefore the loeical conclusion is that there are demigod engineers for con­trolling- not just the rams, but every activity happening in nature. In fact, every one of our bodily limbs is controlled by demigods. For example.


Soma (the moon god) is the presiding deity of the mind, tit is interesting to note that some people go mad on full moon days)

The sun-god is the presiding deity of the eyes.

•Brahma is the engineer of the entire universe and he creates all the 14 planetary systems and the 8.4 million species of life. Thus Brahma is a very big controller.


Here it is important to note that despite all their powers, the demigods are still jiva tattva entities, insignificant as compared to the Supreme Lord. Krishna. The living entities are like small sparks, whereas Lord Krishna is like the sun, which is the origi­nal source of the sparks. Consider, for example, the position of Brahma. Though he is the creator of the entire universe, in the entire material world, there are millions of universes and there are millions of Brahmas. Therefore in the totality of even the material sky, the position of Brahma is insignificant. Lord Krishna, on the other hand, is the supreme controller of not just the entire material world, but also the entire spiritual world, which is far, far bigger than the material world.