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3. Paramatma - The Giver of Remembrance


Do you know that every morning when we wake up, we are helplessly dependent on the Paramatma to remember who we are? When we are asleep, do we remember who we are or who we were before we went to sleep? No. We completely forget it. So when we wake up, the Paramatma has to remind us again, "You are so and so Manager in such and such company. You have to reach office by 9.00 a.m. So hurry up! It is already 8.30 a.m." It is. only because the Paramatma gives us memory about who we are every time we wake up that we are able to carry on with our activities as if nothing had happened.Not only in waking up are we totally dependent on the Paramatma, but also in going to sleep! Sleeping is no easy task, as those suffering from insomnia (inability to sleep) will certify. Every night when we lie down to sleep, it is only when the Paramatma switches off our consciousness that we are able to sleep. We all have the experience that sometimes we lie down and want to sleep, but sleep just doesn't come. It is because the Paramatma is not sanctioning our desire to sleep.


The Paramatma plays a crucial role in our dying and being reborn also. Death and sleep are very similar. In both cases, our consciousness is covered over. In the first case, it is covered over for many hours and in the other case, for many months; that is the only difference. In both cases, it is the Paramatma who puts us to sleep and it is the Paramatma who wakes us up. After we go to sleep, unless the Paramatma switches on our consciousness the next morning, we cannot wakfe up.


When the time for death comes, the Paramatma instructs us. -Now your time in this body is over; you have to leave this body and go to another." We accordingly go and occupy another body. And when we are in that body, the Paramatma gives us memory to go about our past unfinished desires, "See! These were your desires in the past. Now here is the facility. Come on!" This is how the Paramatma gives ms memory in a new body. The Paramatma reminds us. "LooH<! You wanted to enjoy in a dog's body. Now I have given you d<og's body. Come on, enjoy!" Thus He gives us remembrance. Thiis is confirmed in the Vedas: antah pravistah sasta jananam meatning: "The living entity forgets as soon as he quits his present bcody, but he begins his work again, initiated by the Supreme Lord." Although the living entity for­gets everything at the time of dieath, the Lord gives him the intel­ligence to renew his work fronn where he ended in his last life.The Paramatma is the give;r of memory for the living entity also after he has been in a state- of deep sleep for long, long years during the period between thej annihilation of the cosmic mani­festation and its creation the rnext time. The Bhagavad-gita ex­plains that this material world is created at a point of time, main­tained for a fixed period of dime of 311 trillion years and then annihilated. Once destroyed, iit remains in the unmanifest state tor the same period as it was rmanifest, that is, 311 trillion years. Then it is again created and amnihilated, created and annihilated ..... like that it goes on. During the trillions of years between one destruction and the next creatiion, the jivatmas are kept dormant •n the body of Maha Vishnu nn deep sleep. And when the uni­verses are created again, the Pi'aramatma once again gives them a new body along with memory of their unfulfilled desires.


This is the way we have been going on in the universe for trillions of years, completely dependent on Krishna in the form of the Paramatma. Whether we know it or not, the fact is that the Paramatma is guiding us at every moment. The Lord is guiding both the devotees and the non-devotees. But the non-devotees cannot understand how the Lord is guiding them because their intelligence is impure.