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2. Paramatma - The Giver of Knowledge


The Paramatma gives us not only remembrance, but also knowledge. Because without knowledge, no one can perform any activity. Even the atheists cannot go on with their enjoyment un­less Krishna gives them the knowledge of how to enjoy this ma­terial world.How the Paramatma gives knowledge is vividly seen from the following example. Do you know what an infant lizard does as soon as it is born? It throws out its tongue, stretches it, catches an insect and swallows it. The infant lizard has not been trained by anybody. How then does it know how to catch its prey? It is be­cause the Paramatma gives it the required knowledge, "Do like this", "Do like that." In fact, in every species of life, the Paramatma gives us knowledge about how to go about our activities for our survival.


Thus a living entity gets the knowledge to live and enjoy in this world from the Supreme Lord situated locally in the heart. Moreover, when he has a human body, he also receives the op­portunity to understand the Vedas from Him so that he can know his own true identity, the cause of his present suffering and the way out. If a living entity is serious to understand the Vedic knowl­edge, then Krishna gives the required intelligence. Every indi­vidual living entity needs to know about Krishna and the Paramatma is always waiting to provide him Vedic knowledge as soon he desires. That is why the Paramatma is called as chaitya guru. It is said: One gets guru through Krishna (the Paramatma) and Krishna through guru. When a living entity seeks knowledge about God and wants to serve God in love, then the Paramatma directs him to the right guru coming in parampara (disciplic suc­cession). The living entity thus acquires knowledge about Krishna and, by practice of devotional service, ultimately attains pure love for Krishna.


So in this way, the Paramatma not only puts the living entity in forgetfulness at the time of death and makes him remember about the purpose of assuming a particular body in his next life, but also gives him the knowledge of how to go about enjoying in this world. Thus thejivatma, being escorted by the Paramatma, is moving in the wheel of samsara for millions of lifetimes.