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4. Paramatma - The Giver of Inspiration


Let us see how the Paramatma is the source of a wonderful but nexplicable phenomenon, which all of us experience - in­spiration. In all creative activities ranging from the artistic like drawing paintings or preparing musical compositions, the liter­ary like composing poems or writing essays, the scientific like deriving a mathematical equation or understanding a new con­cept to the practical like determining the best way to earn money, success does not come only due to logical thinking or conscious endeavor. By these one may try to seek a solution, but the crucial step is a flash from within, when the entire solution is, as if, re­vealed by someone to us. This is what we call inspiration.


Inspiration refers to something which is difficult to obtain even with a great mental endeavor, but which just comes in our mind completely in full form as if it is planted in our heart by someone from outside or from within. It comes all of a sudden unexpect­edly, and is not related to how much effort we have put in.

Let us consider a few examples involving this mysterious ele­ment of inspiration.


1. In the Western world, there was a celebrated music composer Mozart, whose compositions are considered to be masterpieces even today. In his biography, it is written that he himself would be astounded when the music composition would come to him, all of a sudden. Whenevei he would get a new-music composition he could clearly perceive that it was as if someone was revealing it to him.


2.The greatest scientific dis­coveries have not been made by the step-by-step logical process; they have taken place simply by a flash of inspiration. We all know about the great scientist Archimedes and how he discovered the law of floatation. He had been trying to find out a way to determine the purity of a particular gold ornament. He had been thinking about it for several months, but had been unable to arrive at a solution. Then one day when he was just sitting in his bath-tub taking a bath, all of a sudden, he got the answer and he jumped out of the tub shouting, "Eureka! Eu­reka!" meaning, "I have found it." Where did he get that flash of understanding from?


3.The famous mathematician, Gauss describes how he arrived at the mathematical formulae, which have been acclaimed as landmark breakthroughs in science. Although he would put in great endeavor, he would not get anywhere and then, all of a sudden, he would get the answer. Gauss himself wonders how this would happen.


4.In the contemporary times, there is 'the mathematical wizard', ShakuntalaDevi, who can tell the result of the multiplication of any two random 13-digit numbers in less than a minute.


 She once had a competition with a computer on who could multiply faster and she won - effortlessly. Let us try to under­stand how she is able to do such huge calculations at such a mind-boggling speed. The normal way calculations are done is by proceeding in a step-by-step manner, but that will take far more than a minute. Then how is she able Lo do it? She herself does not know! She just looks inwards and the answer is right there. Some people may propose that it is by permutations and combinations that she is arriving at the answers. But just con­sider how many permutations and combinations are possible with two numbers of 13 digits each. The probability of arriving at the right answer by this method is so insignificantly tiny that it cannot be a part of any scientific explanation. And to say that she is able to do it right every time thousands of times just by permutations and combinations is outright ridiculous! Then how is she able to do it? And these are just a few examples. Practically every major advance in science has been due to inspiration. And all of us have the experience of inspiration in our own lives also. So there is no question of denying the phenomenon of inspiration.


Once we understand that inspiration does indeed take place, a question immediately follows: How does it happen? Atheistic people have stretched their imaginations to the wildest possible limits to explain it, but they have no worthwhile explanation. But any intelligent person can easily understand that a super-intelli­gent being is supplying the inspiration to the person involved. And that super-intelligent being is, undoubtedly, the Paramatma. Let us now consider a few examples from our everyday lives in which we can practically perceive the Paramatma in action.


1. Whenever  we are about to commit a sinful act, a voice from within forbids us and warns us of the consequences. Commonly known as the voice of the conscience, it is actually the Paramatma urging us to abstain from sin.


 2. We also see that some people have photographic memories; they remember forever whatever they read just once. And. on the other extreme, there are also some people, who cannot re­member a thing even if they read it hundreds of times. In both cases it is the Paramatma who is in action based on the respec­tive past karma of the people involved. In the first case, it is the Paramatma who is giving remembrance to those who have pho­tographic memories and, in the second case, it is the Paramatma who is taking away their memory and not allowing them to remember.