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Check and Balance Through Guru-Sadhu-Shastra


In the Vedic method of receiving knowledge, there is also a check-and-balance system called guru-sadhu-shastra. The teachings of the guru must correspond with the teachings of the sadhus  (the past and present spiritual masters in the disciplic suc­cession), which, in turn, must all correspond with the direct mean­ings of shastra (the scripture). This is the proof of perfect  knowl­edge.


Intellectual brilliance notwithstanding, a man of dubious per­sonal character, who is attached to selfish gratification and self-interest, cannot be a spiritual master. The origin of disciplic  suc­cession is God, who alone is capable of giving absolute knowl­edge. And because the knowledge comes down through the disciplic line without adulteration we can understand the Truttf by  hearing from a bona fide guru and make our life successful. It is the duty of every civilized human being to accept such a bona fide authority, gain spiritual knowledge, and thereby make his life  perfect. Just like a dark room becomes illumined by switch­ing on the light, so also our ignorance is removed by the light of transcendental knowledge. Having obtained such knowledge, we attain  eternal happiness.