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Open Mindedness


A disciple should approach the spiritual master with an open xjlmind. He should think, "I know nothing about God. I should hear submissively from my guru. " If he thinks he knows every­thing, it  should be understood that he knows nothing.


Once a young man came to inquire about God from a guru. But when the guru began to speak, the young man immediately in­terrupted him saying, "I know this, I know this." When this  hap­pened several times, the guru decided to teach the young man a lesson. He gave him a glass in his hand and started pouring hot milk into it. He went on pouring even after the glass had  become full. When the milk started overflowing and falling on the hand of the young man and burning it, he started shouting, "Stop! Can't you see the milk overflowing? Why don't you stop?" The  guru smiled and replied, "This is your condition. Because you're filled up with so many pre-conceived notions you are not in a position to hear what the scriptures say." The young man real­ized  his mistake.  So, while hearing from the spiritual master, one should be sub­missive and open-minded.