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Avowed Truthfulness


A sincere desire for enlightenment and avowed truthfulness to the spiritual master and not birth in a particular caste, race, religion etc. are the essential qualifications of a disciple. IC one satisfies  his guru by sincere service and actually understands the Vedic conclusion, he receives initiation as a brahmana. A brahmana is a learned person who is responsible enough to en-lighten others.  In India there are many caste-conscious brahmanas, who insist that one cannot be elevated to brahminical status un­less he is born in a brahmana family. The brahmana-by-birth con­ception is  decidedlv non-Vedic. According to the Vedic standard, anyone can be elevated by training. In this connection, there is a popular story in the Chanclogya Upanishad about a boy named  Satyakama, who approached a guai for enlightenment. "Are you the son of a brahmana?" the guru asked. The boy said that he didn't know who his father was. The guru then asked him to inquire  from his mother, but the boy's mother frankly told him that, since she had known many men, she wasn't sure who his father was. The boy then returned to the guru and said, "My mother doesn't  know." Pleased with the boy's honesty, the spiritual master concluded, "You are a brahmana."