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Lord Shiva - Ashutosha, quickly pleased  


Because Lord Shiva is always very very merciful, his name is Ashutosha. Amongst all the demigods, Lord Shiva can be pacified even by the lowest class of men, who need only offer him obeisances and leaves of a bael tree.   Thus his name is Ashutosha, which means that he is pleased very quickly.Generally those who are very fond of material prosperity ap­proach Lord Shiva for such benediction. Lord Shiva, being very merciful quickly awards all the blessings the devotee asks of him. The demons take advantage of this leniency and sometimes take benedictions from Lord Shiva which can be very dangerous for others. For instance. Vrikasura took a benediction from Lord Shiva by which he could kill anyone he touched on the head. Although Lord Shiva sometimes very liberally gives such bene­dictions to his devotees, the difficulty is that the demons, being very cunning, sometimes want to experiment improperly with such benedictions. For instance, after receiving his benediction, Vrikasura tried to touch the head of Lord Shiva. Devotees of Lord Vishnu, however, have no desire for such benedictions, and Lord Vishnu does not give His devotees benedictions, which would cause disturbance to the whole world.