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Lord Shiva Bewildered by Mohini Murti


Once when Lord Shiva heard about how the Supreme Lord had appeared in the form of an extremely beautiful woman, the Mohini murti, he became very eager to see this incarnation of the Lord. But when on his request, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of him in the form of an enchanting young damsel, Lord Shiva was totally captivated by Her beauty. Though his chaste and beautiful wife Parvati as well as his many followers were standing right next to him. he was so maddened by lust that he completely forgot himself and started running after Mohini Murti. He chased her through forests and mountains for a long time trying to catch her. Finally when he discharged semen, he came back to his senses.


Although he had been seemingly humiliated, Lord Shiva was not in the least disturbed. Instead he glorified Lord Vishnu for His inconceivable potency by which even a dhira (a sober per­son) like him could be illusioned.Through this pastime we can clearly see that Lord Shiva is a devotee of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna.