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Religion - A Global View


Many times a seeker of Truth is troubled by the perplexing questions, "Common sense says that there can be only one supreme. But if there is only one God, then why are there so many  religions, so many scriptures and so many gods niemiuned in them? And whom should I follow? Which is the perfect path'1 back to the kingdom of God?"  God is one. lheretoreall scriptures  being the word oi that one God, teach the same truths in essence. But God gives His mes­sage, directly or through His messenger, according to the capac­ity of the individuals who receive it. If  the message is for the spiritually advanced, then it may be given in an undiluted pure form. If the message is for the morally and spiritually degraded it is suitably modified to preclude rejection and  yet help them to make limited spiritual progress. Unawareness of this fundamen­tal principle, which underlies and unifies the diverse religions of the world, has resulted in religious conflicts,  confrontations, wars and so on throughout history. An example explains this.In elementary school Mathematics, a child is taught basic ad­dition and subtraction such as 5-2 = 3. But if he is  asked, "What is 2 - 5 = ?", he will say that it is not possible to subtract a bigger number from a smaller number. But when he goes to high school, he learns 2 - 5 = -3. That is also Mathematics.  When he goes to college, he learns differential calculus, integral calculus etc. which is also Mathematics. Although the knowledge he has acquired at each level comes under the subject of  Mathematics, still there is a difference of standard between elementary school Maths and M.Sc. Maths. The teacher may himself be a Ph.D. in Maths, but he teaches according to the level of  understanding of the student, depending on whether he is in an elementary school, high school or college.