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Love of God - The Ultimate Goal Of Religion


Rendering service to Krishna is the natural constitutional po­sition of the living entity: jivera svarupa haya krishnera nitya dasa "The constitutional position of living entity is that he is an eternal servant of Krishna". But when the living entity comes into this material world, he forgets Krishna and starts serving so many other fallible soldiers because of which he is put into suf­fering. Nobody can refrain from service. APrime minister serves the country, parents serve their children, a clerk serves his boss, a old man who has no companion serves a pet dog. So service is natural for the living entity. Just as sugar and sweetness cannot be separated, salt and saltiness cannot be separated, similarly the soul and his service attitude cannot be separated. The living en­tity can utilize his free will to either serve Krishna in love and devotion or serve Maya by being rebellious of Krishna.


Love of Krishna is in a dormant state in the heart of everyone.At present, we are not able to experience it due to contamination by material association. Therefore the heart has to be purified of the material association, and that dormant, natural love for Krishna has to be revived. We do not acquire love of Krishna, but we revive love of Krishna. 'Acquire' means to achieve something, which we did not have. 'Revive' means to get back what we already possessed. Love of Krishna is like a fiery coal covered by the contamination of ashes. Once the ashes are blown off, the fire can be perceived. Similarly when the contaminations are removed by surrendering to Krishna's instructions, one can per­ceive love of Krishna in one's heart.


Under the guidance of an expert spiritual master, one should follow certain principles: one should rise early in the morning, take bath, enter the temple and offer prayers and chant Hare Krishna, then collect flowers and offer to the Deity, cook food­stuffs to offer to the Deity, take prasadam and so on. One should constantly hear the Bhagavad-gita and the Shrimad Bhagavatam from pure devotees. This practice of bhakti-yoga, under the rules and regulations, with the direction of a spiritual master, will surely bring one to the stage of love of God.