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Krishnaizing Everything 


This cultivation of Krishna consciousness is not material. The Lord has three general energies—namely the external energy, the internal energy and the marginal energy The living entities are called marginal energy, and the material cosmic manifesta­tion is the action of the external, or material, energy. Then there is the spiritual world, which is a manifestation of the internal energy. The living entities, who are called the marginal energy, per­form material activities when acting under the inferior, externa! energy. And when they engage in activities under the internal. spiritual energy, their activities are called Krishna conscious. This means that those who are great souls or great devotees do not act under the spell of material energy, but act instead under the pro­tection of the spiritual energy. Any activity done in devotional service, or in Krishna consciousness, is directly under the control of spiritual energy. In other words, energy is a sort of strength, and this strength can be spiritualised by the mercy of both the bona fide spiritual master and Krishna.


For example, if one finds a beautiful rose in his garden, he can think, "Oh! How beautiful! Let me offer this to Krishna" or he can think, "Oh! Let me offer this rose to win the heart of my girl friend." Thus everything can be used either for one's own sense gratification or for Krishna's service. In the Chaitanya-Charitamria, Lord Chaitanya states that it is a fortunate person who comes in contact with a bona fide spiri­tual master by the grace of Krishna. One who is serious about spiritual life is given by Krishna the intelligence to come in con­tact with a bona fide spiritual master, and then by the grace of the spiritual master one becomes advanced in Krishna consciousness. In this way the whole jurisdiction of Krishna consciousness is directly under the spiritual energy—Krishna and the spiritual master. This has nothing to do with the material world. Thus act­ing on a spiritual plane, a devotee gradually transcends the mate­rial world, even while physically being present in the material world and at last returns home back to godhead, to join the eter­nal service of the Lord in the spiritual world.