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How Can One Achieve Pure Love for Krishna?


Srila Rupa Gosvami has also quoted a definition from the Narada-pancaratra as follows, "One should be free from all material designations and, by Krishna consciousness, must be cleansed of all material contamination. He should be restored to his pure identity, in which he engages his senses in the service of  the proprietor of the senses." hrshikena hrshikesha sevanam. So when our senses are engaged for the actual proprietor of the senses, that is called devotional service. In our conditional state, our senses are engaged in serving our bodily demands. When the same senses are engaged in executing the order of Krishna, our activities are called bhakti.As long as one identifies himself as belonging to a certain family, a certain society or a certain person, he is said to be cov­ered with designations. When one is fully aware that he does not  belong to any family, society or country, but is eternally related to Krishna, he then realizes that his energy should be employed not in the interests of so-called family, society or country, but in the interests of Krishna. This is purity of purpose and the platform of pure devotional service in Krishna consciousness.


This devotional service is a sort of cultivation. It is not simply inaction for people who like to be inactive or devote their time to silent meditation. There are many different methods for people who want this, but cultivation of Krishna consciousness is different. The particular word used by Srila Rupa Gosvami in this connec­tion is 'anushiland', or cultivation by following the predecessor teachers (acharyas). As soon as we say "cultivation," we must refer to activity. Without activity, consciousness alone cannot help us.Krishna's devotees avoid unfavourable things like overeating, mundane gossip, accumulating more than necessary, over endeav­ouring for mundane achievements, slackness in following regu­lative principles, bad company, greed etc. There are positive favourable things like enthusiasm, determination, patience, fol­lowing in the footsteps of previous acharyas, giving up bad asso­ciation, following regulative principles like no meat eating, no gambling, no intoxication, no illicit sex etc.Those who are cultivating spiritual life and executing devo­tional service are always engaged in positive spiritual activity,seva. Such activity can be performed with the body or with the mind. Thinking, feeling and willing are all activities of the mind, and when we will to do something, the activity comes to be mani­fest by the gross bodily senses. Thus, in our mental activities we should always try to think of Krishna and try to plan how to please Him. following in the footsteps of the great acaryas and the per­sonal spiritual master. There are activities of the body, activities of the mind and activities of speech. A Krishna conscious person engages his words in preaching the glories of the Lord. This is called kirtana. And by his mind a Krishna conscious person al­ways thinks of the activities of the Lord - as He is speaking on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra or engaging in His various pas­times in Vrindavana with His devotees. In this way one can al­ways think of the activities and pastimes of the Lord. This is the mental culture of Krishna consciousness.


Similarly, we can offer many services with our bodily activi­ties. But all such activities must be in relationship with Krishna. This relationship is established by connecting oneself with the bona fide spiritual master, who is the direct representative of Krishna in disciplic succession. Therefore, the execution of Krishna conscious activities with the body should be directed by the spiritual master and then performed with faith. The connec­tion with the spiritual master is called initiation. From the date of initiation by the spiritual master, the connection between Krishna and a person cultivating Krishna consciousness is established. Without initiation by a bona fide spiritual master, the actual con­nection with Krishna consciousness is never established.