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Krishna - All-Strong


• In this world, people are attracted to those who are very strong-Weight-lifters spend their entire lives practicing and. when fi­nally, after years of endeavor, they manage to lift a large weight for a  few moments, they are deemed by millions as heroic stars. But what is their strength compared to the strength of Govardhanadhari Krishna? Krishna, when He was just 7 years old, lifted  Govardhan hill on the nail of the little finger of His left hand and thus effortlessly protected all the residents of Vrindavan from the heavy rainfall caused by Indra. The Govardhan Mountain is still  existing today in Vrindavan and has a circumference of around 22 kins and was much larger 5000 years ago. But Krishna easily lifted it - not just for a few moments, but for seven continuous  days and nights! Such is the extraordinary strength of Krishna. • Once when Srila Prabhupada asked his discipJe artist Jadurani to draw a picture of Krishna as Govardhcmadhari, she portrayed  Krishna as a youth with big biceps. Srila Prabhupada told her that Krishna does not need to have such muscles to lift Govardhan; His body is spiritual and has inconceivable potency. He lifted the  huge Govardhan hill as easily as an elephant would lift a mushroom.


Krishna killed the demoness Putana and demons like Trinavara Aghasura and Bakasura very easily without much endeavor. He killed the gigantic elephant Kuvalayapida, broke the huge  sac­rificial bow in Mathura and defeated powerful wrestlers like Canur and Mushtik, etc.


In the Bhagavad-gita (7.11) Krishna declares that He is the strength in every living being: balam balavatam caham "1 am the strength ol the strong. "