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Krishna - All-Famous


•Krishna is constantly glorified in all the Vaikuntha planets.Therefore one of His names is 'uttama sloka', one who is always glorified by choice poetry.

Ananta shesha, the massive serpent bed of the Lord, has been glorifying the Lord with His thousands of hoods since time im­memorial and has still not found an end to the Lord's glories. In the tenth canto of ShrimadBhagavatam the Lord says, "Even if a scientist may be able to estimate the number of atoms in the universe, no one will be able to estimate My glories."


A poet has sung that even if we use all the sky as paper, all the trees in the world as pens, all the oceans as ink and write the glories of the Lord, still they will be inadequate to even begin to  describe the Lord's glories. In the Mahabharata, while glorifying Lord Krishna, Bhishrna chanted the Vishnu sahasra nama (1000 names of Lord Visnuj And each one of these names describes an inconceivable  tran­scendental glory of the Lord.


Sometimes it is asked, "Krishna is known only to a small frac­tion of the people of this world. Then how can He be consid­ered to be all-famous?" But we have to understand that as cornpared to  the totality of creation, this entire material world con­sisting of millions of universes is just an insignificant speck. And just because He is not so well-known at present on a tiny planet in this  insignificant material world does not decrease His fame because He is glorified eternally throughout the spiri­tual world by His innumerable devotees. And even in this ma­terial world, he is  constantly being glorified in the higher plan­etary svstems. yam brahma vaninendra rudra marutah stunvanti divxaih stavaih "The Supreme Lord is constantly glorified by demigods like Brahma,  Varuna, Indra, Shiva and Maruts."(Shrimad Bhagavatam 12.13.1) Moreover this material world is compared to a prison as those living entities who are rebellious of God are kept here. If some of  the inmates of a prison in a country do not know about the prime minister of that country, does that detract from the glory of the prime minister? Not in the least. Similarly if a few living entities in  this material world are not aware of the glories of Lord Krishna, that does not in any way affect His fame.