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Krishna - All-Beautiful


•In this world, beauty is an opulence which attracts everyone. But only the living beings of same species are attracted to each other: a male human being is attracted only to a female human being, not to a female hog and vice versa. But Krishna's beauty is not limited in this way; He is universally attractive. In Vrindavan even the monkeys, deer, cows, birds, the river Yamuna etc are  all spontaneously attracted to Krishna. That is why He has the name Krishna, which means 'all attractive'.Thus His beauty is in a class of its own, completely apart from worldly beauty.


•The whole world is attracted by the beauty of Cupid, but Krishna is so beautiful that thousands of Cupids are attracted to him. That is why Krishna is also celebrated as 'Madan mohan'  (one who attracts even Cupid). A glimpse of how beautiful Krishna is can be had from the fact that the gopis of Vrindavan folded Brahmaji, the creator, for having created imperfect eyes which  blink after every few seconds and therefore prevent them from continuously beholding the beauty of Krishna. They de­sired eyes which would never blink so that they could unceas­ingly drink the  nectar of Krishna's beauty with their eyes.


• Krishna has a beautiful face with eve^ like blooming lotus petals, lips like bimba fruit, a prominent nose, teeth like jas­mine buds rendered rosy by the splendor of lips, arched eye brows and a  smile that can dry up the ocean of sufferings of the living entities (ShrimadBhagavatam 3.28.18-38)


•Krishna is adorned with a peacock feather on His head and a flute in His hands. He wears a vaijayantimala garland surrounded by humming bees around His neck and a pitambar, a yellow color  dhoti. He stands in a graceful three-fold bending form, which charms the hearts of even thousands of Cupids.(Brahma Samhita 30)