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Chapter 6  Krishna - The All-Attractive


We are all persons and, if God is also a person, as vve understood from the previous chapter, then what is so spe­cial about Him that He should be considered the Supreme Per. sonality of  Godhead7 And why should Krishna alone and not any­one else be considered the Supreme Personality of Godhead? ' The Supreme Lord is referred to in the Vedic literature as 'Bhagavan'. The  Sanskrit word 'Bhagavan' is explained by the great authority Parashara muni, father of Vyasadeva :


aisvaryasya samagrasya   viryasya yasasah sriyah

jnana-vairagyayos caiva    sannam bhaga itingana


"Full wealth, strength, fame, beauty, knowledge and renun­ciation - these are the six opulences of the Supreme Personality of Godhead."    (Vishnu Parana 6.5.47)


To the degree a person possesses one or more of these opulences, he becomes special or attractive in the eyes of others. These opulences are present in living beings only in a small frac­tion -  and that too only for a very short time, yet we are so  spon­taneously attracted to those who possess them. How supremely attractive then will that person be who possesses all these opulences  in full for all of eternity? And it is thai person who is called Bhagavan (the Supreme Personality of Godhead). Hence though God is a person, He can in no way be compared to any person oi this  world. And, if we examine the Vedic literature, we find that among all the gods described in the Vedic pantheon, Krishna alone is the possessor of all these six opulences in full eternally, as we  shall see in this chapter. That is why He is called Bhagavan.


There are many persons who are very rich, very powerful, very beautiful, very famous, very learned, and very much detached, but no one except God can claim that he possesses all riches, all  strength etc entirely. Anyone who possesses all the above six opulences in full is naturally 'all attractive'. And, as seen from the above discussion, Lord Krishna alone possesses all these  opulences in full. That is why He is the all-attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead, the ultimate object of our love and de­votion eternally.