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Chapter 13 The Infinitesimal & The Infinite


While developing our knowledge about the soul (jivatnJ and the Supersoul (Paramatma) in a very systematic way it is also important to know the misconceptions of people in gen­eral about this subject matter. Some people advocate a new con­cocted philosophy. They say that you. the soul, is individual now but after death you have to just merge into that one cosmic or universal consciousness. Some people even go on to say, "Actu­ally you are that cosmic consciousness even now. You have to only realize it." In other words, such people indirectly or directly tell you that you are God and that you have just forgotten it.


This type of monist philosophy, "You are God, I am God, ev­eryone is God" is rampant these days especially in India. It has also become very popular today. Why? Because such a philoso­phy does not demand surrender to God and allows everyone to go on with their sense gratification. This kind of philosophy is very comforting to the heart of the conditioned soul who wants to be the enjoyer and controller. Naturally therefore people like it. But the consequences of accepting this philosophy are disastrous. Such a philosophy brushes God aside, puts an end to all ethics and morals in the lives of people and, worst of all, kills the pro­pensity to serve which is the essence of the spiritual life of the living entities and prevents them from returning back to Godhead to associate with the all beautiful Supreme Personality of Godhead. Let us therefore examine this philosophy from a rational, logical as well as a scriptural point of view.