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The living entity has only Direct Awareness, But Krishna has both Direct and Indirect Awareness


Although we may be proud of the vast amount of knowledge that modern science has acquired, still it is the reality that we have only direct consciouness or awareness of certain things. Naturally therefore there are many, many other things of which we have no awareness. For example, we have no knowledge whatsoever of what happens after we put a morsel of food in our mouth: how the food is transformed into chemicals and blood, how it nourishes the body, what kind of bacteria live in the body, how the various parts of the body get their nourishement, how they function etc. We do not know how the hairs and nails grow although the cells are dead (matter can grow on spirit, but life cannot arise from matter). In other words, we do not have indi­rect perception.But, as far as the Supreme Personality of Godhead is concerned, the very first verse of the Shrimad Bhagavatam (1.1.1) de­clares: janmady asya yatah anvayat itaratas charteshv abijna svarat. In this shloka. the word anvayat means 'directly' and the   word itaratas means 'indirectly'. So Krishna is consciously aware of each and every thing going on in the universe both directly and indirectly at all times. And svarat means He is 'supremely inde­pendent'. He doesn't depend on others for power or knowledge. Krishna controls everything through the medium of His energies.


In the Shvetashvatara Upamshad. it is mentioned: parasya saktir vividaiva suyate, svabhavaki jnana bala kriya ca meaning "Krishna has infinite energies and He is acting through the me­dium of His energies'. And He can therefore exercise control over any part of the universe very naturally. For example, if you have an itch in your body, you don't have to make plans to scratch. You don't have to plan, "The itch is in my left thigh. So I should lift up   my left hand, move it to my left thigh, place the fingers on the itching part of the thigh and rub to relieve the itch." All this planning is not at all required. Spontaneously (svabhavaki) your hand scratches the itch. Similarly when Lord Krishna wants to create the material world, He does not have to make a design, a model and worry about where to get the ingredients from, how to mix them together properly, and, on top of it all, how to maintain everything. He doesn't have to worry about anything; everything happens naturally (svabhavaki). He gets everything done through the medium of His energies. His potency is automatic and spon­taneous. This is the nature of superconsciousness.