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The living entity is the Proprietor of his body, but Krishna is the Proprietor of all the bodies


The bodies of all the living entities are made of material ele­ments, all of which are created by Krishna. Therefore Krishna is the original proprietor of all bodies. And as a particular living entity occupies a particular body, he is considered to be the sec­ondary proprietor of that body. For example, in a kingdom, the king is the original proprietor of the entire kingdom, and the citi­zen is the secondary proprietor of a his small plot of land. The body consists of the senses. And as the Supreme Lord is the supreme proprietor of all bodies He is known as 'Hrshikesha', which means 'controller of the senses'. He is the original con­troller of the senses, just as the king is the original controller of all the activities of the state and the citizens are secondary con­trollers. Although the individual soul is the owner and knower of the body, the Supreme Lord knows both the body and the owner of the body.


Somebody may say, "The jivatma and the Paramatma are the same. There is only one soul in this body." But an intelligent F^rson should challenge such a baseless statement, "Where is it Mentioned 'n the scriptures?" We have clear-cut information from the Upanishads that the jivatma (the individual soul) and the Paramatma (Supersoul) are like two birds sitting in a tree (body). There is no question of any confusion about the differences be­tween the jivatma and the Paramatma. Both the Katha Upanishad and the Shvetasvatara Upanishad confirm this:


samane vrkse puruso nimagno 'nisaya socati muhyamanah

 justam yada pasyaty anyam isam asya mahimanam iti vita-sokah


"Although the two birds are in the same tree, the eating bird is fully engrossed with anxiety and moroseness as the enjoyer of the fruits of the tree. But if in some way or other he turns his face to his friend who is the Lord - at once the suffering bird becomes free from all anxieties." The same truth is confirmed in Mundaka Upanishad also.