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Consciousness of the living entity is Limited, Consciousness of Krishna is Unlimited


Spy novels, which describe how one country tries to uncover the defense secrets of another country by sending spies to that country, are very popular as an entertainment literature. But the very necessity of spies illustrates an important philosophical prin-Clple. Why does one county at all need to send spies to another  country? It is because even the most technologically advanced countries don't know what is going on in another country. Put­ting it simply, in spite of having the most sophisticated state-of-the -art technology, each nation is only limitedly conscious. That is why they need so many electronic gadgets so that they can become more conscious of what is going on there. During the Iran-Iraq war, America had launched many satellites to trace, observe and monitor the nuclear installations of Iraq in order to bomb them.


Thus we can see that just to become conscious of one tiny nuclear station in one small country, we human beings have to spend so many millions and trillions of dollars and have to put in enormous efforts. It is because the consciousness of the living entity is inherently limited. On the other hand, when Krishna wants to become conscious of something, he just has to desire. He doesn't have to struggle even a little bit to become conscious of even the tiniest details of the happenings in any remote corner of the material world. He just resides in the spiritual world, playing His flute and performing loving pastimes with His devotees and simultaneously He is conscious of everything everywhere.