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Differences between Krishna worship and demigod worship


Demigods give what you Want; Krishna gives what you Need


A question immediately arises when we understand the su zYpreme position of Lord Krishna and the subordinate posi­tion of the demigods. If Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and He can give a soul whatever He wants, why don't more persons surrender to Him? Why do they worship the other demigods to fulfill their desires?


One reason for this is that the demigods give their worshiper whatever he wants, irrespective of whether it is good or bad for him. They offer material benefits to their worshipers without worrying about the harmful effects of their benedictions just as a shopkeeper does not hesitate to sell a sweet surrounded by flies to a child who pays the due amount for it. But Krishna is a loving father who does not offer His devotees anything which may be harmful for their advancement in spiritual life. He only gives His devotees what they really need or what is their ultimate best in­terest.

Greedy people worship demigods to get quick results. They get the desired results, but do not know that results so obtained are temporary and are meant for less intelligent persons. The in­telligent person is in Krishna consciousness, and he has no need to worship the paltry demigods for some immediate, temporary benefit. The demigods of this material world, as well as thei worshipers, will vanish with the annihilation of this matefl world. Human society however is mad after temporary things su as land, family and enjoyable paraphernalia. But such mater benefits are bound to lead one to frustration sooner or later.there is no history of anyone enjoying material benefits unlimitedly without surrendering to the Supreme Lord, gven if one has no faith in the demigods, he will be forced to ¦'worship" at least the  powerful men in human society. If a rnan gets some ministership in the government by worshiping a politi­cal leader, he considers that he has achieved a great boon. All ot them are therefore kowtowing to the so-called leaders or big guns' in order to achieve temporary boons, and they indeed achieve such things. Such foolish men are not interested in Krishna con­sciousness for the  permanent solution to the hardships of mate­rial existence.


Those who are freed from all material contaminations surren­der unto the Supreme Lord and engage in His devotional service. As long as the material contamination is not completely washed off, people are by nature nondevotees. But even those who have material desires and who resort to the Supreme Lord are not so much attracted by external nature; because of approaching the right goal, they soon become free from all material lust. In the Shrimad Bhagavatam (2.3.10), it is recommended that whether one is a pure devotee and is free from all material desires, or is full of material desires, or desires liberation from material con­tamination, he should in all cases surrender to Vasudeva and worship Him:


akamah sarva-kamo va   moksha-kama udara-dhi

tivrena bhakti-yogena    yajeta purusham param


Anyone who worships Krishna for material benefits also obtains his desires, but Krishna first purifies his heart. The purification may take time and therefore material reward may be delayed.ishna knows very well that material benedictions may be harmfu! for one who is not detached from them. Therefore Krishna ofers them only to a devotee who has achieved maturity and   achment when such material benefits cannot harm him- For example, prince Dhruva and Sudama vipra were provided with ample wealth by the Lord when they were no longer attached to such opulence.