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How should Devotees Respect the Demigods


A devotee of Krishna understands that the demigods are all empowered servants of Krishna, who are given a particular service to do. Therefore he is not offensive towards them; he sees them as parts and parcels of Lord Krishna and offers them due respect. Thus only a devotee of Krishna knows best how to actu­ally honor a demigod. The proper way to deal with the demigods can be understood from the following example. Suppose you meet a police constable. He is the representative of the government. If you slap him. y0L1 are slapping the government: it is very offensive behav­ior. But, going to the other extreme, if you go and fall at the feet of the constable and say, "O Lord, you are not only the constable, hut you are also the sub-inspector, the IGP (Inspector General of police). You aie the all in all; you can give everything", then that is untrue flattery. A sincere constable will not be pleased by such false glorification; in fact he will feel embarrassed. But if you offer the constable the respect that is due to him as a representa­tive of the government, then he will be pleased because that is the proper way of dealing with him.


Similarly the demigods being the empowered servants of Krishna are His representatives. So if we disrespect, offend or blaspheme them, then we are disrespecting Krishna. But if we glorify them to be the Supreme, as some demigod worshipers do, then we are actually embarrassing and displeasing them. There­fore the proper way for devotees to deal with demigods is to re­spect them as the representatives of the Supreme Lord. And how does a devotee of Krishna worship the demigods? The mood of a devotee is that he simply wants to serve Krishna without any motivation or interruption. Therefore when he hap­pens to go by a temple of Lord Ganesha, he prays, "O Lord Ganesh! Please remove all the obstacles on my way back to Krishna." When he sees a Shivalinga, he prays, "You are the top­most  Vaishnava. Please make me also a devotee of Krishna so that I may get an opportunity to eternally serve Him." When he passes by a temple of goddess Sarasvati, he prays, "O goddess Sarasvati, please bless me so that I may understand the Bhagavad-Sita and the Shrimad Bhagavatam and become a pure devotee of Krishna." A devotee of Krishna can never even dream of going to the demigods for material benefits. The gopis of Vrindavana, who are the topmost devotees of Lord Krishna, prayed to goddess Katyayani (Durga), not for any material benediction, but to get Krishna as their husband. Thus the conclusion is that one should aspire to become an unalloyed devotee of Krishna and worship Him wholeheartedly.