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Demigods Cannot Award Liberation; Only Krishna Can


The demigods can offer only material benefits; they cannot award liberation. Their position in the universal administration is similar to that of the various managers in a company. These man­agers have only a limited range of authority; for subjects outside their power of jurisdiction, they have to approach a higher au­thority. Similarly, the demigods can give some benedictions in the material realm, but they cannot give liberation; that can be given only by the Supreme Lord Krishna. For the living entity, who is constantly suffering in the cycle of repeated birth and death, material benefits provide no real re­spite; they only temporarily alleviate his problems without pro­viding a permanent solution. Liberation from this cycle of birth and death and reinstatement in his constitutional position, as an eternal servant of the Supreme Lord, is the only truly auspicious benediction for him. But giving this benediction is beyond the power of the demigods. This is vividly illustrated in the story of Hiranyakashipu.


Hiranyakashipu performed severe penance for hundred celes­tial years to please Brahma so as to obtain the benediction of im­mortality. But Brahma could not fulfil his desire. This is because even though Brahma has a very long life span, he too has to die one day. So if Brahma himself is not immortal, how could he have given immortality to Hiranyakashipu? Therefore the revealed scriptures direct the true seeker.the  aspirant tor liberation, to worship only Lord Vishnu and no one else' as is stated in the shruti mantras, tarn eva viditvati mrtyum eti nanyah pantha vidyate ayanaya "Only by knowing that Supreme Lord can one transcend death, there is no other way possible (Shvetashvatara Upanishad 3.8) Even Lord Shiva confirms this unique position of Lord Vishnu mukti pradata sarvesa visnor eva na samsayah "Only Lord Vishnu can award liberatio to the living entities; there is no doubt about this."