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Demigod Worship is Ultimately Futile; Krishna Worship is Ultimately Successful


The boons of the demigods are material and temporary. Both the material worlds and their inhabitants, including the demigods and their worshipers, are bubbles in the cosmic ocean; they will vanish in no time. The futility of demigod worship can be under­stood from the following examples:


•A demigod worshiper may hanker for wealth, "I want wealth" "I want wealth." Although he may get it, if he does not act piously, he will be forced to take birth as a dog in the next life.


Another demigod worshiper may hanker for education and may even become a reputed scholar. But in his next life, he will have to begin from learning ABC all over again.


Even if a demigod worshiper achieves a higher planet - the abode of a demigod, he still has to return to this mortal planet again, when the results of his pious activities are exhausted, as confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita (9.21) kshine punye martya-lokam vishanti.


On the other hand, if one achieves the highest planet - the abode of Lord Krishna, then one will live an eternal life full o* bliss and knowledge there; such a devotee never has to return to this miserable material world. Since we have to anyway w°rl( hard in the material world; then why not work for the best? V/ny not fully utilize this human body, make the best out of bad bar­gain, to attain ultimate relief from suffering?


Demigod worship is impelled by material desires. But the sire for material sense gratification is like an itching sensation The more you scratch the itch, the more you will want to scratch And the ultimate result of this itching is bleeding and suffering Similarly the more we satisfy our material desires, the more they  keep increasing. And such sense gratification ultimately leads only to misery. Therefore going to the demigods for relief is like goini to a friend when you are having an itch on your back and request­ing him, "Please scratch my back." The relief that it will provide is temporary; it will not actually solve the problem. But worship­ing Krishna is like going to a doctor who will cure the itching sensation by proper medicine; it is the only solution.