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Various Misconceptions About God


Many so-called philosophers have concocted speculative theories about God. which were born from the fertile imagi­nation of the few grams of their brain substance. Some of them are: "God is  Light". "God is the imagination of man".   "God created this complicated universe, but when He was unable to control it, He ran away out of frustration." etc.Once the philosopher Neitsche made a  statement "God is dead" and soon it became a famous philosophy. One atheist even wrote on the wall of a church: "God is dead - Neitsche". After some years, a Christian interchanged the  words 'God" and 'Neitsche'. The statement therefore became "Neitsche is dead- God", which is certainly true; Neitsche died long ago. Thus many philosophers come, speculate and go; their only  contribution is to leave behind bogus theories, which increase the confusion of the masses and take them further away from God.


Some impersonalists speculate, "I am God" or "Everyone is God"; but when they suffer from toothaches, they can do nothing about it except moan in pain. And when they get the urge to re­spond  to the calls of nature, they cannot control themselves even for a moment; they have to run helplessly to respond. God is the supreme controller. How then can He come under the control of a  toothache or the call of nature? We living entities, who are tiny souls, are not God, nor can we ever become God; we are eter­nally servants of God. God is not a subject matter of speculation. He  has to be un­derstood through hearing from a bona fide spiritual authority. As long as we maintain our preconceived notions about God and do not approach a bona fide guru, we will remain in  darkness with­out any correct understanding of God.