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Proof of God's Existence


Whenever we see something that is designed intelligently and is functioning properly, we at once presume that some­one has created it. For example, •  If we were to find a wristwatch on a  seashore, we would at once presume that it has an intelligent designer and that some­body must have lost it. Only a fool would assume that the watch was created by chance from the random  action of the waves crashing into the sand.


If several trains are moving in a well-coordinated way on the tracks, we understand that there must be a controlling signal  designed by an engineer.Similarly we see so many orderlv things  happening in nature. For example,


The seasons change in a regular, cyclic manner. Gigantic trees develop from tiny seeds (The giant sequoia tree grows over 300 feet high with a diameter of upto 36 feet. Its bark alone is 2 feet thick and its roots cover an area of 2,00,000 sq. ft. It  lives for over 3,000 years. Yet the seeds that a sequoia tree rains down by the millions are not much bigger than a pin-head)


Are all these things happening by chance or is there a divine intelligence behind them? On seeing a complicated printed cir­cuit board, no sane person will say that it has come by chance from  nowhere or that it has no designer and no purpose. Why and how then can we assume that the entire universe with all its har­mony, order and structured organization came about by itself, by  chance? Obviously all these things are happening as per the laws of nature, but can there be any law without a lawmaker? We have no such experience; the very presence of a law implies the  presence of a lawmaker who imposes the law. Even a simple road sign that regulates traffic has an originator and a controller. What then of the great comprehensive laws that govern this entire  universe?  Such brilliantly conceived laws surely bear witness to a brilliant lawmaker. Thus any human being with a little common sense can understand the presence of a super-intelligent being  - God - from the marvels of His creation. (For a detailed analysis of this subject, please refer to the first level course book 'Discover Yourself in this 'Spirituality for the Modern Youth' series) There  are also books published by reputed scientists like 'Evidence of God in an Ex­panding Universe' G. P. Putnam & sons, New York, wherein lead­ing authorities from a variety of fields like  mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and zoology prove scientifically and rationally the presence of a supreme creator, without whose sanction not a blade of grass can move.