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Solutions: Patch-up and Actual


Can modern science solve these problems? No. Never! At best, science can offer temporary stopgap patch-up solutions - nothing more. Science may find techniques to patch up grey hair with  dyes, smoother, out the shriveled skin with a face-lift and thus cover up old age, but it cannot remove old age per se. Hence the scientific solutions are not actually solutions; they only 'cover up'  the harsh realities of life. We can arrive at the solution to these problems only when we know the root cause of all existence-God. There is no other way to get out of these sufferings permanently.  The following example will clarify this point. Suppose you are taken to a multinational company employ­ing fift) thousand people and instructed, "Work." You will-be totally bewildered because you  will not know what work to do. whether to work as a manager, an engineer, a supervisor, a worker etc. If you just take up any work as per your liking, you will surely land up in trouble. And you will  remain in utter confusion till you understand what your position in the company is; only then will  you be able to work peacefully.


Similaly we are all living in inis material world, but we do not know what our role is supposed to be. We are just taking up any position according to the whims of our mind and are naturally ending  up in trouble. But when we understand God, we also un­derstand His creation and our position in it as His eternal ser­vants. We also understand that all our problems are due to our not rendering  loving service unto Him. When we are reinstated in our constitutional position, our problems are solved once and for all and we attain eternal happiness.