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Only if a person possesses the attributes mentioned above -he is the supreme enjoyer, the supreme proprietor and the supreme controller - can he be said to be God.If we meet an ordinary person claiming to be God, how can we refute his claim? We can check whether he meets the defini­tion of God which we have studied in this chapter. We can ask him,  "Are you the supreme enjoyer of everything?" Even if he foolishly claims that he is, we can ask him to prove his claim, How can we know that a person is actually the enjoyer of a thing? First of  all, he has to be the proprietor of that thing. And what is the proof that he is indeed the proprietor of a particular thing? He should be its controller. And since the whole universe is obvi­ously not  moving under his control, his claim is clearly baseless. (For further understanding of this subject, refer to Appendix 2) Therefore we should not accept anyone to be God - the su­preme enjoyer,  proprietor and controller - without gaining proof from authentic sources.