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Lord Krishna delivers Lord Shiva


The Shrimad Bhagavatam describes the story of Vrikasura, which illustrates that Lord Krishna is the master of Lord Shiva too. Once there was a demon Vrikasura who wanted to get a bene­diction from Lord Shiva. He therefore went to Kedaranatha and ignited a sacrificial fire to please Lord Shiva. After igniting the fire in the name of Shiva, he began to offer his own flesh, by cutting it from his body to please Lord Shiva. Although Vrikasura continued his sacrifice for six days, he was nevertheless unable to personally see Lord Shiva to ask for a boon, which was his objective. On the seventh day, the demon Vrikasura decided that he should cut off his head and offer it to satisfy Lord Shiva. Thus he took bath in the nearby lake, and without drying his body and hair, he prepared to cut off his head.


When the demon was thus preparing to cut off his head, Lord Shiva became very compassionate. This is natural compassion. Even if a common man sees someone preparing to commit sui­cide, it is his duty to try to save him. He does so automatically. There is no need to appeal to him. Therefore when Lord Shiva appeared from the fire to check the demon from suicide, it was not as a very great favor to him. The demon was saved from committing suicide by the touch of Lord Shiva; his bodily injuries immediately healed, and his body became as it was before. Then Lord Shiva told the demon, "My dear Vrikasura. you do not need to cut off your head. You can ask from me any benediction you like, and I shall fulfill your desire. I do not know why you wanted to cut off your head to satisfy me. I become satisfied even by an offering of a little wa­ter." Out of compassion and sympathy, Lord Shiva then prepared to give him any benediction he liked.


When the demon was offered this facility by Lord Shiva, he asked for a very fearful and abominable benediction. The de­mon was very sinful, and sinful persons do not know what sort of benediction should be asked from the deity. Therefore he asked Lord Shiva to be benedicted with such power that as soon as he would touch anyone's head, immediately it would crack, and the man would die. Lord Shiva could understand the motive of the demon, and he became very sorry that he had assured him what­ever benediction he liked. He would not withdraw his promise, but he was very sorry in his heart that he was to offer him a benediction so dangerous to human society. The demons are described as duskrtinas, miscreants, because although they have brain power and merit, the merit and brain power are used for abominable activities. Sometimes, for ex­ample, the materialistic demons discover a lethal weapon. The scientific research for such a discovery certainly requires a very good brain, but instead of discovering something beneficial to human society, they discover something to accelerate the death which is already assured to every man. Similarly, Vrikasura, in­stead of asking Lord Shiva for something beneficial to human society, asked for something very dangerous to human society. Devotees of the Personality of Godhead, however, never ask any benediction from Lord Vishnu or Krishna, and even if they ask something from the Lord, it is not at all dangerous for human society. That is the difference between the demons and the devo­tees, or the worshipers of Lord Shiva and the worshipers of Lord Vishnu.


The demon Vrikasura, however, being very sinful, immedi­ately decided that he would use the benediction to kill Lord Shiva and take away Gauri (Parvati) for his personal enjoyment. He immediately decided to place his hand on the head of Lord Shiva. Thus Lord Shiva was put into an awkward position because he was endangered by his own benediction to a demon. This is also another instance of a materialistic devotee's misusing the power derived from the demigods. Without further deliberation, the demon Vrikasura immedi-atel\ approached Lord Shiva to place his hand on Lord Shiva's head. Lord Shiva was so afraid of him that his body trembled, and he began to flee from the land to the sky and from the sky to other planets until he reached the limits of the universe, above the higher planetary systems. Lord Shiva fled from one place to another, but the demon Vrikasura continued to chase him. The predominating deities of other planets, such as Brahma, Indra and Chandra, could not find any way to save Lord Shiva from the impending danger. Wherever Lord Shiva went, they remained silent.


At last Lord Shiva approached Lord Vishnu, who is situated within this universe on the planet known as Shvetadvipa, the local Vaikuntha planet beyond the jurisdiction of the influence of the external energy. Lord Narayana is celebrated as a lover of His devotees, and as soon as He understood that Lord Shiva was in great danger, He appeared as a brahmachari and personally approached Lord Shiva to receive him from a distant place. The Lord appeared as a perfect brahmachari, with a belt around His waist, a sacred thread, a deerskin, a brahmachari stick and raudra beads. Dressed as a brahmachari, Lord Narayana stood before Lord Shiva. The shining effulgence emanating from His body attracted not only Lord Shiva but also the demon Vrikasura.


Lord Narayana offered his respects and obeisances unto Vrikasura, just to attract his sympathy and attention. Thus check­ing the demon, the Lord addressed him as follows: "My dear son of Shakuni, you appear very tired, as if coming from a very dis­tant place. What is your purpose? Why have you come so far? 1 see that you are very tired and fatigued, so I request you to take a httle rest. You should not unnecessarily tire your body. Every one greatly values his body because with this body only can one fulfill all the desires of one's mind. We should not, therefore unnecessarily give trouble to this body."


Lord Narayana in the form of the brahmachari addressed Vrikasura as the son of Shakuni just to convince him that He was known to his father. Shakuni Vrikasura then took the brahmachari to be someone known to his family, and therefore the brahmachari's sympathetic words appealed to him. Before the demon could argue that he had no time to take rest, the Lord began to inform him about the importance of the body, and the demon was convinced. Any man, especially a demon, takes his body to be very important. Thus Vrikasura became convinced about the importance of his body. Then, just to pacify the demon, the brahmachari told him, "My dear lord, if you think that you can disclose the mission for which you have taken the trouble to come here, maybe I shall be able to help you so that your purpose will be easily served." Indirectly, the Lord informed him that because the Lord is the Supreme Brahman, certainly he would be able to adjust the awk­ward situation created by Lord Shiva.


The demon was greatly pacified by the sweet words of Lord Narayana in the form of a brahmachari, and at last he disclosed all that had happened in regard to the benediction offered by Lord Shiva. The Lord replied to the demon as follows, "I myself cannot believe that Lord Shiva has in truth given you such a benediction. As far as I know. Lord Shiva is not in a sane mental condition. He had a quarrel with his father-in-law Daksa, and he has been cursed to become a pishaca (ghost). Thus he has be­come the leader of the ghosts and hobgoblins. Therefore I can­not put any faith in his words. But if you have faith still in the words of Lord Shiva, my dear king of the demons, then why don't you make an experiment by putting your hand on your head? If the benediction proves false, then you can immediately kill this liar. Lord Shiva, so that in the future he will not dare sive out false benedictions."


In this way. by Lord Narayana's sweet words and by the ex-ansion of His superior illusion, the demon became bewildered, a nd he actually forgot the power of Lord Shiva and his benedic­tion He was thus very easily persuaded to put his hand on his own head. As soon as the demon did that, his head cracked, as if struck by thunder, and he immediately died. The demigods from heaven began to shower flowers on Lord Narayana, praising Him with all glories and all thanksgiving, and they offered their obei­sances to the Lord.In this way Lord Vishnu in the form of a brahmachari re­leased Lord Shiva from the impending danger and saved the whole situation.