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Demigods Seek Help from Krishna


It is well known that whenever there is a cosmic disturbance caused by a powerful demon, all the demieods run to Lord Vishnu tor help. The Tenth Canto of the Shrimad Bhagavatam describes one such incident. Once when the world was overburdened by demons Brahma went with all the demigods and offered the Purusha sukta prayers to Kshirodakashayi Vishnu on the shore of the ocean of milk. Then Lord Brahma personally sat in meditation, and re­ceived a message from Lord Vishnu. Brahma then broadcast the message to the demigods. The message was: The Supreme Per­sonality of Godhead will appear on the earth very soon along with His supreme powerful potencies, and as long as He remains on the earth planet to execute His mission of annihilating the demons and establishing the devotees, the demigods should also remain there to assist Him. They should all immediately take birth in the family of the Yadu dynasty, wherein the Lord will also appear in due course of time.


Soon after this, the Supreme Lord appeared in the womb of Devaki as her eighth child. When she was pregnant, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, accompanied by great sages like Narada and followed by many other demigods, invisibly appeared in the house of Kamsa. They began to pray to the Supreme Personality of Godhead in select prayers. The demigods could understand that the Lord had taken His residence within the womb of Devaki in order to fulfill His vow to descend in this material world just to protect the pious and destroy the impious. "Our dear Lord" the demigods prayed, "It is very difficult to understand Your eternal form or personality. People in general are unable to un­derstand Your actual form; therefore You are personally descend­ing to exhibit Your original eternal form. Somehow people can understand the different incarnations of Your Lordship, but they are puzzled to understand the eternal form of Krishna with two hands, moving among human beings exactly like one of them. This eternal form of Your Lordship is ever increasing in tran­scendental pleasure for the devotees. But for the nondevotees, this form is very dangerous."


In this way the demigods prayed to and welcomed the Su­preme Lord, who had descended in response to their pleas for help. In the Ramayana also, it is seen that, when Ravana was disrupting the universal order and wreaking havoc throughout the universe, all the demigods headed by Lord Brahma prayed to the Supreme Lord for help.