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Chapter 1


Definition of God

Discovering the Root of all Existence: God

Problems: Real and Relative         

Solutions: Patch-up and Actual

Are You aTheist or an Atheist?

Proof of God's Existence     

Various Misconceptions About God

Clear-Cut Definition of God  

God: The Source of Everything      

God: The Supreme Controller        

God: The Supreme Proprietor

God: The Supreme Enjoyer 



Chapter 2


Vedas -Are They Relevant Today?  

Vedas: The only Source of Perfect Knowledge

Parallels in Vedas and Modern Science      

Vedic Predictions That Have Come True

Seeing with the Ears

Vedas: Our Real Mother      

Modern Science - A Treacherous Witch     

Relevance of the Vedas today

The Vedas: A Manual for Life        


Chapter 3


Qualifications of Guru         

Why Do 1 Need A Guru?     

The Absolute Necessity of a Spiritual Master       

How to Recognize the Spiritual Authority ?

The Guru and the Parampara        

Qualifications of the Guru    

Check and Balance Through Guru-Sadhu-Shastra  


Chapter 4


Qualifications of Disciple     

Humble Surrender    

Submissive Inquiry   


Service Attitude       

Devotion to the Supreme Lord      

Faith in the Spiritual Master 

Avowed Truthfulness



Chapter 5


The Most Confidential Knowledge   

Religion - A Global View      

Different Religions Teach According to


The Essence of All Religions


Different Platforms of Worshipping God:

Fear, Desire, Duty and Love

Sanatana Dharma - The Supermarket of Religions

Worship According to Propensities

The Absolute Truth -A Conclusive Understanding  

God: One Person Called by Different Names        

Who Is God ?

Is God Personal or Impersonal?    

The Most Confidential Knowledge: God is a Person        



Chapter 6


Krishna - The All-Attractive  


Krishna - All-Knowledgeable 


Krishna - All-Famous


Krishna - All-Renounced       

Krishna - The All-Attractive  


Chapter 7


Evidences for Krishna's Supremacy 

Krishna: Father of All Beings

Krishna: Source of All Demigods    

Krishna: Source of the Impersonal Brahman        

Krishna: Fountainhead of All Avatars        

Is Krishna an Avatar of Vishnu?     

Krishna's Supremacy Confirmed     

Lord Krishna's Appearance and Activities

Krishna Knows Past, Present and Future

Krishna and His Body are Non-different

Krishna is Eternally Youthful 

Krishna Neither Takes Birth nor Dies; He

Appears and Disappears     


Chapter 8


The Singular Supreme and The Plural Subordinates

God and gods


Do demigods really exist?   

Do Things not Happen by Chance ?

Vishnu Tattva

Shambhu Tattva      

Krishna - The Singular Supreme Personality of Godhead  

The Supreme Opulence of Krishna 


Chapter 9


The Controller of all Controllers     

Demigods Seek Help from Krishna 

The Demigods cannot comprehend Krishna's Divine Qualities and Activities      

The Bewilderment of Lord Brahma, the Chief of the Demigods   

The Bewilderment of Indra, the King of Heaven   

Lord Krishna delivers Lord Shiva    

Krishna - The Supreme Controller   


Chapter 10


Worship: Divine and Mundane       

Relationship of Krishna and the demigods

Demigods Run to the Supreme Lord for Help      

Differences between Krishna worship and demigod worship       

Demigods give what you Want; Krishna gives what you Need    

Demigods Cannot Award Liberation; Only Krishna Can    

Demigod Worship is Ultimately Futile; Krishna Worship is Ultimately Successful

Demigod Worship is for the Less Intelligent; Krishna Worship is for the Truly Intelligent        

If Demigod Worship is condemned, why do the Scriptures prescribe it?            

How should devotees deal with the demigods?    


Chapter 11


Your Heart - To - Heart Friend       

Krishna's Program for the Living Entities    

Paramatma - The True Friend of the Jivatma       

Who is the Paramatma?     

The Role of the Paramatma in our Life     

1. Paramatma - The Giver of Forgetfulness

2  Paramatma - The Giver of Knowledge  

Paramatma - The Giver of Remembrance  

Paramatma- The Giver of Inspiration        

Perceiving the Paramatma   

Attitude of Devotees and Demons  

Towards the Paramatma     

Paramatma is the Real Doer


Chapter 12


Well-Wishing Guide Who Always Accompanies You        

Paramatma - Director of the Wanderings of the Living Entity     

Paramatma fulfils the Desires of the Living Entity

The Paramatma sanctions Pleasure and Pain       

The Paramatma : Overseer And Permitter 

The Paramatma: The Supreme Proprietor 

Is the Paramatma Responsible for our Good and Bad Acts?      

Role of the Paramatma at the Time of Death      

The Culmination - Surrender to Krishna     


Chapter 13


The Infinitesimal and The Infinite   

Am I God?    

Differences between the living entity and Krishna 

The living entity is Infinitesimal, but Krishna is Infinite

The living entity is the Knower of his own body.but Krishna is the Knower of all the bodies   

The living entity is the Proprietor of his body. but Krishna is the Proprietor of all the bodies    

The living entity can be put to Forgetfulness, but Krishna can never be put to Forgetfulness 

The living entity has only Direct Awareness, But Krishna has both Direct and Indirect Awareness      

Consciousness of the living entity is Limited, Consciousness of Krishna is Unlimited    

Different States of Consciousness of the Living Entity     


Chapter 14


Love of God:The Culmination of Religion  

Love of God-The Ultimate Goal Of Religion

Unalloyed Devotional Service        

How Can One Achieve Pure Love for Krishna?     

Practical Steps to Achieve Love for Krishna

Chanting the Holy Name : Meditation for the Modern Age

Different Yugas - Different Prescribed Methods    

Spiritual Sound and Material Sound 

Krishnaizing Everything       


Appendix 1


Krishna's Rasa Dance: Can We Imitate ?   

What is the Rasa Dance ?   

Is Krishna's Rasa Dance Not an Immoral Act?     

Can We Imitate Rasa Lila?  

From Whom Should We Hear Rasa Lila ?  

Developing Faith      

Philosophy behind Rasa Dance      

Lord Krishna's body is Transcendental      

The Lord is the Real Enjoyer         

How should we approach the rasa-lila?     


Appendix 2


Avatars : Genuine and Fake 

Purpose of Avatar    

The Real Purpose Of Avatar

Genuine Avatar vs. Fake Avatar     

An Avatar should be mentioned in scriptures before He appears

The Avatar is able to reveal the Cosmic Universal Form  

The Avatar performs extraordinary activities that cannot be imitated    

Every Avatar has a Unique Message or Mission    

Specific Markings on Hands and Feet of the Avatar

Types of Avatars     


Appendix 3


The Position of Lord Shiva  

Lord Shiva - One of the Twelve Mahajanas

Lord Shiva and Durga         

Lord Shiva- Ashutosha, quickly pleased     

Lord Shiva- Protector of Dhama     

Lord Shiva Bewildered by Mohini Murti      

Why does Lord Shiva live in Graveyards and Roam with Ghosts and Hobgoblins?       

Why did Lord Shiva preach Mayavada?     

How should Vaishnavas Worship Lord Shiva?      


Appendix 4


The Golden Incarnation For The Iron Age 


A Short Life History of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu       

Predictions about Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's appearance in Atharva Veda  


Appendix 5

Meditation for the Modern Age -    


Appendix 6

Srila Prabhupada - The Ambassador of The Kingdom of God     


Appendix 7

ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF) At a Glance