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The Vedas: A Manual for Life


Just like an instruction manual always accompanies a washing machine, a cooker or any other instrument to explain how it is to be operated, similarly the Vedas are the word of God which come  along with the creation and which are given to man so that he may understand how to most effectively utilize his human form of life to achieve an eternal life full of knowledge and bliss.

The Vedas teach us who we are, who God is and what our relationship with Him is. They also teach us the method by which we can revive our lost relationship with God. We should learn all  these things from the Vedas and put them into practice to achieve the ultimate goal of life.


Hence a sincere seeker of truth, who wants to know more about himself and God should not waste his valuable time in research­ing with his own limited brain; rather he should cultivate the  knowledge of the Vedas by approaching a guru. The guru or spiri­tual master is like a walking scripture; he has thorough knowl­edge of the essence of the Vedas and he can impart this wisdom  to a sincere disciple, who hears from him submissively and serves him.