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Vedas: Our Real Mother


How do you know who your father is? By imagination or mental speculation nobody can arrive at an answer. Some­one may suggest doing genetic finger printing. But just imagine the sheer effort  required. Assuming that only ten percent of the world's males would be capable of having fathered you, still you have to do massive amount of testing of around 250 million adults. Assuming a  ridiculously low average test time of 100 seconds per individual, it would still take you a minimum of 800 years of non-stop testing. Can you imagine the enormous expense and the mind-boggling  record keeping involved? Even if you somehow managed to do it and assuming that you somehow remained alive, still the people who might have fathered you would be dead and gone by that  time The actual solution is simple: just ask your mother; she will tell you. Even if 10,000,000 other people were to contradict the words of your mother, still her words have more weight tor you than the words of all the others put together. That is the power of proper authority.


God, the Supreme Father, has created the complicated uni­verse around us as well as the complicated body which we have. We don't understand what the purpose behind this vast creation is  and why we are suffering. Vedas, the divine mother, carry all the necessary information about God, the Supreme Father and everything that is needed to revive our lost relationship with Him so  that we can attain eternal happiness. All we need to do is to hear from our mother, the Vedas.