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Modern Science - A Treacherous Witch


Our misfortune, however, is that we have no faith in our divine mother, the Vedas. Instead we choose to have blind unquestioning faith in modern science, which is actually like a treacherous  witch. A witch allures a person by various tempta­tions, but ultimately inflicts great pain on all those who fall prey to her false promises. The deceitful nature of a witch is illus­trated in an  instructive pastime from the life of Lord Krishna.


Once when Lord Krishna was just an infant three months °ld, His envious uncle Kamsa, sent Putana, a hideous witch, to Vrindavana to kill baby Krishna. Putana disguised herself as a beautiful woman and entered Vrindavan holding a lotus in her hands; nobody - not even Rohini or Yashoda - doubted her; ev­eryone thought that she might be the Goddess of Fortune. Appar­ently  with great love, She fed milk to Krishna from her breast, but actually she had smeared her breast with a deadly poison, in order to kill Him; Krishna, however, sucked her life air along with the  milk. Just before her death, the real identity of Putana as a ghastly witch was disclosed in front of everyone. Thus Putana was like a sharp sword concealed within an attractive embroi­dered  sheath.


Similarly, the glitz and glamour associated with technological advancement makes it appear very attractive, but its ultimate re­sults are disastrous. Modern cities are full of countless hi-tech  gadgets produced by modern science, which make life appear very easy. But they also lead to multifarious problems, far more complicated than what they were originally meant to solve. There  is no shortage of examples to illustrate this.


Automobiles and factories have apparently increased the fa­cilities in our life, but the air pollution they have caused has become a deadly health hazard. Surveys have revealed that just breathing  the air in a polluted city like New Delhi is equivalent to smoking several cigarettes a day. Such cities are therefore full of chronic asthma and lung cancer patients.


Water now seems to be so easily available at the turn of a tap, but little do we know that it is greatly contaminated due to chemi­cals and effluents added during its transit from the river to the tap,  thus leading to epidemics of water-borne diseases.


Advancement in technology has led to a culture of sedentary occupations, fast foods, cold drinks, high speed and high pres­sure lifestyles, all of which lead to a variety of debilitating bodily and  mental diseases.


Modern medicine appears to provide quick and easy cures to diseases; all that you have to do is put a pill into your mouth But these inevitably have harmful side-effects on the body, which soon  leads to a vicious cycle of illness and medicines.


Modern scientific education promises lucrative future careers, but even the best products of this educational system, namely, the doctorate degree holders in various fields of knowledge, are  addicted to many abominable habits like smoking, drink­ing, drugs, woman-hunting, gambling etc.


Lost are the days when the students would hold their teachers in great esteem; most Indians will be shocked to know that it is not uncommon for school students in the Western world to shoot  their teachers over the slightest difference of opinions.


These are just a few gross examples of the destructive conse­quences of an indiscriminate acceptance of scientific knowledge.Despite this, people are completely enamored by the  razzle-dazzle of the technological gadgets offered by modern inventions and the apparent comfort and ease that they seem to bring to life. And as their enjoyment is facilitated, they have  developed an in­nocent, unflinching, blind faith in the atheistic scientists, just like a small child has in his mother. People, however, fail to notice the reality that all these facilities have an inbuilt  pernicious ef­fect. They cast aside all discrimination and just blindly accept whatever is certified and promoted by modern scientists. Their altitude is, "Scientists have certified this facility.  Therefore it must be wonderful. Let us enjoy it."


But such blind use of scientific advancement often wreaks to­tal havoc as can be substantiated by the following examples:

•Recently scientists invented a drug, which, when injected into cows, lead to a considerable increase in their milk yield. The drug injection was widely used by dairy farmers in Gujarat, till it was detected that the milk produced by such injected cows caused a deadly disease in the human beings who consumed it. The government subsequently banned the use of that drug  injection, but still its pro­duction continues un­derground in the form of tablets and many greedy dairy farmers continue to use it with­out caring for its disas­trous consequences on the health of  the  general populace.


¦• A few years ago, in Europe, scientists prepared a new type of cattle-feed, which greatly increased their mass. This appeared to be a very lucrative arrangement for everyone involved in the  cow-slaughter trade as these artificially fattened cows were yielding more beef. But the cattle-feed was prepared using the bones, horns and other remnants of cow slaughter in a pulver­ized  form. This unnatural food fed to the naturally vegetarian cows led to a severe disease in them. And when man consumed the beef of such diseased cows, it led to the deadly BSE disease in him,  which caused holes in his brain. Thus what started off as just an improved food for the cow ended up in hundreds of people being afflicted by a terrible disease and in millions of diseased cows  being slaughtered to prevent further spread of the disease. Although the disease was called 'mad cow disease', it should rightly be known as the 'mad man disease' because it was the mad  greed of man that caused the disease; the cow was just a helpless victim.


• In grape farming, cultivators often use artificial fertilizers to increase the fertility of the soil and speed up the yield. How­ever, the grapes produced using such fertilizers are of a poor quality, so  the farmers resort to external phosphate bathing of the grapes to enhance their appearance and give them a sugar coating to increase their sweetness. Thus not only do the grapes have no natural sweetness, but also the phosphates used have injurious effects on the human system.


•By using synthetic fertilizers, farmers can produces huge bright red tomatoes or watermelons. These appear to be very impressive, but if We cut them open, they are full of air and have very little nutrition value.


•In modern society, peace is conspicuous by its absence and infatuation caused by the scientific and technological advancement has led to this sorry state of affairs. The dove is traditionally  considered to be a symbol of peace, but a picture of a dove carrying a slaughtered calf and an aborted fetus in its two claws graphically portrays the situation of modern society with its  misdirected scientific advancement. Science has made man very powerful, but since man, being infatuated by science, is using this power not to serve God, but to promote his own selfish enjoyment, he has become a powerful ferocious beast. When man has become so merciless and ruthless towards other living entities as to slaughter thousands of innocents calves in  orga­nized slaughter houses just to satisfy his uncontrolled tongue and to abort millions of  innocent infants just to continue unrestrictedly with his irresponsible sexual enjoyment (all us­ing the  most sophisticated technology), how can his so-called peace conferences be expected to be of any avail? Thus science only serves to superficially inflate the ego of man, but in actuality it  divests his life of all meaning, substance and happiness. Modern scientific advancement, which has arisen from the research and  speculation of man. in defiance of the laws of God, is certainly  a cure worse than the disease itself.


The Vedas, on the other hand, are meant to gradually guide the suffering soul away from his sinful life in the right direction to­wards God. It is only due to the deep-rooted Vedic culture that even a  simple illiterate Indian villager hesitates to commit any sinful activity, being aware of the law of karma and lives a very peaceful life. In marked contrast, even a highly educated modern man  blinded to all concepts of morality due to his belief in the atheistic scientists, is addicted to various sinful habits and lives an utterly miserable life, being torn apart by immeasurable anxieties.  Therefore it is high time for us to awaken to the reality that Vedas are our real mother and the secret of true happiness lies in understanding them and following them under the expert guid­ance  of a bona fide spiritual master.