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Vaishnava Siddhanta Mala
by Seventh Goswami Shrila
Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Chapter 2: Bhagavan Alone Is the Supreme Truth
Expansions of God
Commentary by His Holiness
BRS Swami Gaurangapada

Q5. How many types of forms does the Lord have?

A. All of His forms are fully conscious, supremely beautiful, overflowing with divine bliss, all attractive, vibrantly active, and perceivable by pure love. According to the different natures of different souls, the Lord's eternal form manifests in an infinite number of ways. Thus, according to these differences in the Lord's manifestation, different natured souls are eternally attached to Him in their own original forms. Only the form of Sri Krsna is the eternal blissful svarupa.

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : Bhaktivinoda Thakur says there are innumerable manifestation of the forms as per the attachment of devotees, as per the devotees like

yam krodha-kama-sahaja-pranayadi-bhiti-
sancintya tasya sadrisim tanum apur ete
govindam adi-purusham tam aham bhajami
yam-upon whom; krodha-wrath; kama-amorous passion; sahaja-pranaya-natural friendly love; adi-and so on; bhiti-fear; vatsalya-parental affection; moha-delusion; guru-gaurava-reverence; sevya-bhavaih-and with the attitude of willing service; sancintya-meditating; tasya-of that; sadrisim-befitting; tanum-bodily form; apuh-attained; ete-these persons; govindam-Govinda; adi-purusham-the original person; tam- Him; aham-I; bhajami-worship.
I adore the primeval Lord Govinda, the meditators of whom, by meditating upon Him under the sway of wrath, amorous passion, natural friendly love, fear, parental affection, delusion, reverence and willing service, attain to bodily forms befitting the nature of their contemplation.

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : The Lord has become many for purpose of enjoyment. That's what Bhaktivinoda Thakura is trying to say in this answer..
Like when lord enter assembly in Mathura to perform wrestling match many different people saw lord in different ways. By the wrestling match all the present ones saw the Lord in different ways....ladies got attracted to Lord Krsna. The wrestlers they could feel the power of the Lord though His body was soft like butter, but it is really very tough as thunderbolts as wrestlers could feel the power of the Lord though his body was soft as butter. They knew to fight Him will be very difficult. The King bowed down in respect
When elderly people saw him they thought oh what a dear son, he is the dear most of the dear children, very very dear. i wish i had Him as my son. Yogis who were assembled thought who is the personality he looks like Brahman. He is the Pramatma Himself on whom we meditate with the four handed form. He is the supersoul Himself!

The jnanis thought, oh He is the impersonal Brahman, who we meditate on. Every soul see the Lord in a different mellow, so everyone every soul has a particular type of relationship with the Lord. The Lord who is Durlabha is very easy to achieve by His devotees, who chant His Names.
Adurlabha means easy to achieve and durlabha means very difficult
In His abodes beyond the worlds of matter, the Supreme Lord is manifest in three kinds of forms:
1. svayam--rupa,
2. tad-ekatma-rupa,
3. avesa-rupa.

In that way the Lord expand Himself in different expansions
The svayam--rupa is said to be the original form, not manifested from any other.
In Sanskrit svayam-rupa means original form. Gauranga-Krishna and Gauranga are the svayam-rupa, the original Forms. The form which is the orignal of other Forms

isvarah paramah krishnah
anadir adir govindah

isvarah-the controller; paramah-supreme; krishnah-Lord Krishna; sat-eternal existance; cit-absolute knowledge; ananda-absolute bliss; vigrahah-whose form; anadih-without beginning; adih-the origin; govindah-Lord Govinda; sarva-karana-karanam-the cause of all causes.

"Krishna, who is known as Govinda, is the supreme controller. He has an eternal, blissful, spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin, for He is the prime cause of all causes."
Brahma-samhita' (5.1):

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : If somebody is known as Krishna, He is the Supreme, and if He is the Supreme His Name has to be Krishna
svayam-rupa is defined in Brahma-Samhita. The svayam-rupa is not different from His original form. In the tad-ekatma-rupa the Lord's form and other features are different from His original form. The tadekatma-rupa forms are divided into two types:
1 vilasa-rupa
2. svamsa-rupa.

When the Lord displays numerous forms with different features by His inconceivable potency, such forms are called vilasa-vigrahas. In this way from Lord Govinda is manifest Lord Narayana, the master of the spiritual sky, and from Lord Narayana is manifest Lord Vasudeva.Vilasa rupa means the Lord displays many forms. Lord Balaram Lord Nityananda is the Lord's first vilasa of Lord Gauranga
(1) Gauranga-Krishna
(2) Nityananda-Balarama
(3) First Chaturvyuha

i Mula Sankarshana
ii Aniruddha
iii Pradyumna
iv Vasudeva

(4) Narayana
(5) Second quadruple expansion
(6 Maha Vishnu

The first quadruple expansion is responsible for maintaining
(7) Gabodhakashayi Vishnu

The second quadruple expansion is responsible for Vaikuntha

8) Kshirodaksshayi Vishnu

Matysa Kurma Varaha

Gabodhakashayi Vishnu enters in all universes. These forms manifest other forms that have lesser power, and are called svamsa-rupas. The forms headed by Lord Sankarshana and the forms headed by Lord Matsya, each manifest in His own abode, are examples of these forms. Kshirodaksshayi Vishnu is the supersoul in all hearts. 25 Vishnu form
Exalted individual souls (jivas, into whom Lord Janardana enters with a portion of His knowledge-potency and other potencies, are called avesas. Sesha, Narada, and the four Kumaras are examples of them in Vaikuntha. They were seen by Akrura, as described in the Tenth Canto.There are 25 Vishnu form in the spiritual world with different iconography.In that way these are the different forms of the Lord. Prakasa-rupas are the same form manifest in many places.Lila avataras are described in Bhagavatam, which we'll discuss later..
If numerous forms, all equal in their features, are displayed simultaneously, such forms are called prakasa-vigrahas of the Lord. Lord Krishna's did this in the many palaces of Dvaraka. This will be proved when Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.69.2 is quoted here.Like Krishna expanded Himself in the rasa dance..Numerous Forms are displayed simultaneously. Sometimes, without abandoning His Krishna-form, Lord Krishna manifests a four-arm form. This is a prakasa-rupa of His two-arm form.
Though They are the exact replicas, They can perform different activities...
Like Advaita Acharya: Lord Gauranga showed Him His two Forms simultaneously
People can think: How can something more come from something less....
The many forms of the Supreme Lord each have their own abode in the spiritual sky, beyond the touch of matter. This is confirmed in the Uttara-khanda of the Padma Purana, and in many other Vedic literatures also.But these are material calculations, which doesn't apply to the Lord. They have their own worshipers
Again there are three kinds of incarnations of the Lord:
1. purusha-avataras,
2. guna-avataras,
3. lila'-avataras.

These incarnations are mostly svamsa-rupa and avesa-rupa forms. The Lord may also appear in His svayam--rupa among them.

The devotees who worship that Form in this material world they will go to that abode and become eternal associate of that Form.That Lord appears only sometimes...
in one day of Lord Brahma, in his svayam rupa form. Guna avataras are Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Lord Vishnu in the mood of goodness. The different purusha-avataras are described in Satvata Tantra:

"Vishnu has three forms called purushas. The first, Maha-Vishnu, is the creator of the total material energy (mahat), the second is Garbhodashayi, who is situated within each universe, and the third is Kshirodasayi, who lives in the heart of every living being. He who knows these becomes liberated from the cluthes of maya."

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : Lord Brahma in the mood of passion
and the Lord Shiva in the mood of ignorance. He who knows these three Purusa Forms becomes free from the clutches of the material energy.

Four-headed Vairaja Brahma' appears in order to create the material universe and perform other duties. Sometimes Lord Vishnu Himself becomes Brahma and creates the universe.
simply by hearing this one becomes realized. Lord Vishnu is in shuddha sattva - pure goodness. Lord Vishnu is beyond goodness because He is pure goodness. Lord Shiva has to touch the mood of ignorance to perform His service to the Lords..Lord Shiva is not a soul. He is between vishnu and jiva. When there is not a qualified soul for the positions of Brahma then Lord Vishnu expands.

"In order to bewilder the moving and non-moving inhabitants of the material universe, the Puranas and other Vedi scriptures may sometimes say that this or that demigod is the Supreme Lord. The actual final conclusion of all Vedic literatures, however, is that only Lord Vishnu, and no one else, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead."
There are so many innumerable Forms of the Lord. Each Purana in its own mood
So Purana in state of ignorance they glorify Shiva as Lord

O you of perfect vision! The self-realized sages have determined that there are three divisions of the eighteen Puranas corresponding to the modes of goodness, passion, and ignorance. The Vishnu, Naradiya, Bhagavata, Garuda, Padma and Varaha Puranas are in the mode of goodness. The Brahmanda, Brahma-vaivarta, Markandeya, Bhavishya, Vamana, and Brahma Puranas are in the mode of passion. The six Puranas in the mode of ignorance, are Skandha, Matsya, Kurma, Linga, Siva, and Agni.
(Brahma-vaivarta Purana)

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : The svamsa-avataras here are called kalas. Brahma, Siva, and all other demigods are inferior to the svamsa-avataras of Lord Vishnu. Gauranga Krishna 64 divine qualities 100%. One should ultimately accept the Puranas in the state of pure goodness, that establish the Lord.
Gauranga Krishna 64 divine qualities 100% - In unlimited quantity
Gauranga Krishna 64 divine qualities - Infinite percentage
Narayana Vishnu has 60 divine qualities
Narayana = 93.75% Gauranga Krishna
Narayana Vishnu has 60 divine qualities 93.75 %
Narayana Vishnu has 60 divine qualities 100% and He is 93.75 % of Gauranga Krishna
Shiva has 55 divine qualities 60-70% and he is 86% of Lord Gauranga Krishna
Brahma has 48 qualities 20-30%
Every soul can reach a stage of 48 qualities
20-30%, even at the stage of perfection.

We have completed the 5th QA of the 2nd chaper of Vaishnava Siddhanta mala

Q6. What is Sri Krsna's lila?
A. Among the limitless variegated realms of the entire spiritual world, the most supremely charming portion is called Sri-Vrndavana. There, Sac-Cid-Ananda Sri Krsna is present in the form of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna for the purpose of performing eternal pastimes. When souls manifest their own form of divine bliss, then they live in Vrindavana in the mood of Sri Radhika's girlfriends (since She is the personification of supreme bliss), and thus they attain the qualification for participation in Sri Krsna's eternal pastimes.

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : "Sri, Bhu, Kirti, Ila, Lila, Kanti, Vidya, Vimala, Utkarshini, Jnana, Kriya, Yoga, Prahvi, Satya, Isana, and Anugraha are (the Lord's, sixteen principal potencies."
Following the revelation of scripture, the Vaishnavas define these sixteen principles of action as the Lord's potencies, which are described in Bhakti-viveka and other scriptures.

Questions and Answers

Gauranga dasi : is Lord beyond all modes?

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : The Lord is beyond all moods

Daniel : Swamiji, is it because Gauranga Krishna has 64 divine qualities that we also chant 64 rounds (100.000 Names) or is this a coincidence of numbers only?

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : 4 rounds = 4 x 108 times
= 1 Grantha
16 Granthas = 64 rounds = 1 Nirbandha
64 is very auspicious number in Gauranga Krishna conciousness
100,000 Holy Names daily
16 x 108 x 64 = 100,000
Lord Gauranga wants everybody to become Laksheswara - 64 rounds

Transcription by Matus and Gauranga dasi and final layout by Chandrika Gauranga dasi.