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Vaishnava Siddhanta Mala
by Seventh Goswami Shrila
Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Chapter 2: Bhagavan Alone Is the Supreme
Beauty of God
Commentary by His Holiness
BRS Swami Gaurangapada

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : Today we are discussing the sublime literature of Bhaktivinode Thakur which gives the esssence of the philosophy of Gauranga Krishna Consciousness.

aisvaryasya samagrasya
viryasya yasasah sriyah
jnana-vairagyayos caiva
shannam bhaga itingana

Bhaga. These are opulences. Aisvarya means opulence and... Aisvaryasya samagrasya viryasya. Viryasya means strength. And yasasah. Yasasah means fame. And aisvaryasya viryasya yasasah sriyah. Sriyah means beauty. And jnana. Jnana means knowledge. And renunciation, vairagya. Renunciation. These six opulences, when you find presented in a personality in full, He is God. He is God.

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : He is known s Saccidananda as his body was always filled with sac cid and ananda, in this 2nd chapter we are discussing the Lords opulences. If one is to be explained as God then he has to have all these 6 opulences.

madhuram madhuram vapur asya vibhor
madhuram madhuram vadanam madhuram
madhu-gandhi mridu-smitam etad aho
madhuram madhuram madhuram madhuram

"'O my Lord, the transcendental body of Krishna is very sweet, and His face is even sweeter than His body. But His soft smile, which has the fragrance of honey, is sweeter still.'
Shri Krishna Karnamrita
Shrila Bilvamangala Thakura

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : all strength, all wealth, all fame, all knowledge, all renunciation and all beauty!
There is a beautiful verse, as above, the sweetest of all sweet things is Krishnas transcendental body, anyone who sees your form becomes your slave for life. he does not seek anything else in this material world, he cannot enjoy anything, like when one drinks sugar cane juice or candy, then other sweet things do not taste so sweet. The sweet rice doesnt taste so sweet after drinking sugar cane juice. So my dear lord the sweetest thing is your transcendental form, after which noone wants to see other forms, it is so sublime that then the eyes think they have never seen such beauty

"'O my Lord, the transcendental body of Krishna is very sweet, and His face is even sweeter than His body. But His soft smile, which has the fragrance of honey, is sweeter still.'

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : the lords form cannot be seen by our material eyes, we have to develop transcendental divine eyes to see the supreme lord, but if one seems the form then the form is extremely beautiful. The vedic system is to start at his lotus feet, not directly look at his feet, see his exquisitely radiant and brilliant toenails, which make our eyes close from their glare. So in that way, then one comes to the divine chest and that is even sweeter.

58. Lord Gauranga's fragrance filled the worlds. His every limbs was an endless flood of nectar.
59. Gazing and gazing at Him, every eye felt cooling bliss. In every heart arose the thought: "This boy must be Lord Krishna, the very life of Vraja's girls.
60. "Never have I seen or heard of such a boy. What happens to my heart when I gaze at Him?
61. "Never have I seen any person like Him." A beautiful demigoddess said: "Later we will know the truth of this boy."
62. Overcome, Jagannatha Misra gazed at his son's face. The universe had no power to contain the bliss he felt in his heart.
63. How many rising moons do I see in His face? I say His face is like the petal of a blooming lotus.
64. His raised nose is like a sesame flower, I think. His fair limbs are like a flood of nectar light.
65. Gazing at His red lips, splendid graceful cheeks, and graceful chin, I feel great love arise within me.
66. His neck is like a lion's neck. His shoulders are like an elephant's shoulders. His chest is broad. His arms reach to His knees. His body is made of nectar.
67. His hips are broad. His thighs are like banana trees. His feet are like two red lotus petals.

Questions and Answers

Gauranga dasi says: Gurudev for onion n garlics there are 2 evidences one the rishis did yagnas n it came frm one part of meat other the asuras example which one is true

His Holiness Swami Gaurangapada : The first story is authorized as it comes from the Vedas, the second one is just from the local upapuranas, just for information

Transcription and layout by Chandrika Gauranga dasi.