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The Search for Happiness


All living creatures are making a great endeavor, struggling, to attain real everlasting happiness. However, as the Vedas explain, worldly things cannot give us happiness. Regardless of the  position a person may hold, he or she remains unfulfilled. Even if one is wealthy, young, beautiful, educated, famous and influential, he still looks for something more to make him happy.

Even the presidents and prime ministers of great nations remain unsatisfied. Throughout history it has been revealed that rich and powerful persons, like Napoleon and the kings and queens of  England, France and Germany, were deeply unhappy despite their seemingly advantageous positions. In modern times, we can see this in the lives of Princess Diana and Bill Clinton, to name a  few. The little happiness we receive in this world is momentary and mixed with suffering. It is not continuous and eternal, nor is it complete and pure. From the lowest material planet to the  highest, there are so many types of misery and no real eternal happiness.No soul identifying with a material body can be happy. This human life is meant for finding a way out of the prison of this  body, which is destined to grow old and die. We want to be happy by satisfying our material bodies, but old age very quickly overtakes us and we lament. The material happiness we receive is  not really happiness; it is condensed misery. We do not understand that the soul, which is different from the body and mind, is spiritual, eternal, and full of knowledge and bliss. We can therefore  only be truly satisfied by that which is also spiritual, eternal, and full of knowledge and bliss - the Supreme Personality of Godhead and our loving relationship with Him.Nowadays we are making  many inventions and discoveries in areas such as medicine, transportation and communication. We can easily travel from one side of the world to the other in just a few hours. By sitting in our  living room we can see what is happening on the other side of the world.


We can watch cricket being played in Australia or India and we can see the President of America speaking in the White House in Washington. And, if a person's eyes are defective, surgeons can  repair them with parts of eyes taken from a dead body.However, despite these and other advances, people are suffering more than ever before. We are still not able to prevent old age and death;  and we cannot prevent war and terrorism, or the spread   of  disease.   New  diseases   continue   to  appear.   The advances in science and technology have not brought us happiness. Rather,  we have become more fearful, materialistic and greedy.Why is modern science failing us? The reason is that it is not, in fact, very developed. Scientists cannot see the soul, which has a  transcendental form; and they cannot even see the mind, which is material. We think that we are very advanced due to developments in technology, but all we have done is increase the needs of  the material body and neglect the needs of the soul. We do not care to love the Supreme Lord, and thus we do not have any real love and affection for each other.We trust our dogs and cats  more than we trust our families and friends. Husbands and wives do not remain together and divorce is common. Parents reject their children and children reject their parents. Almost everyone  is interested only in gratifying his own body and mind.Persons who want to control the endless chain of birth, disease, old age and death can learn to do so from the ancient Vedic culture.  Studying modern scientific knowledge will not help. When scientific knowledge develops to a more sophisticated level, people may finally be able to control old age and death. But to attain this  level, modern society must learn, from our Vedic culture.