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Love has a Form


The Vedas explain that the Supreme has a transcendental form and personal qualities, and He performs extraordinary pastimes. He is all-attractive and the possessor of all potency. He is  indivisible and one without a second. Although He is one, and although He is everything, He is a person. God: G -generator, the generator of this world; O - operator, the operator of this world, and  D - destroyer, the destroyer of this world. He nourishes and supports the entire universe. Vedic sages like Srlla Vyasadeva, Narada Muni and Lord Brahma have told us that He has a very  beautiful form and many millions of transcendental qualities.If a father has a form, his son will also have a form. If the father has no form or qualities, the son will neither have form nor qualities,  nor can he even exist.It may appear that God is sometimes described as formless in certain scriptures, but when such scriptures use the word "formless", they mean that He has no material  form, no material qualities and no material features. His shape and features are spiritual. He is all-powerful, and therefore He has the power to have a form. If He were without form, qualities,  power and mercy, He would be nothing. He would be unable to help us or hear our prayers, what to speak of giving us eternal bliss. We don't believe in a God devoid of mercy, power and  qualities. If He were without transcendental qualities such as mercy, what value and purpose would there be in worshiping Him?Both the Bible and the Koran state that He has a form. The Bible  states, "God created man in His own image." If He has no image, or form, why does the Bible say this? His image is transcendental; it is not mortal. He has a spiritual body from


which He created man. It is also said that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. If the son has form, then his father must also have form. In fact, He has the most beautiful form. He has all good  qualities and He is complete with all potencies.The Koran states: "lnallah kalaka mein suratihi - Allah, or Kudda, has form, and from that form He has fashioned man." The word "suratihi" means  "form" and the name Allah means "the greatest". AU universes and all creation are contained within Him, and there is nothing equal to Allah in greatness. The Vedic conception of God confirms  this understanding and also says that the Supreme Being, Lord Krma, is both the greatest of the great and the smallest of the small.The words "formless", "without qualities" and "without  features", used in scriptures to describe God, have come from the root words "form", "qualities" and "features". Without the concept of something having form, there can be no concept of  something being devoid of form. It must therefore be concluded that the Supreme Original Entity has form, qualities and features; and one of those qualities must be mercy. He is so merciful that  He created this entire world - to fulfill our foolish desire to enjoy separately from Him.