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Love All Creatures


Il is often thought that humans are the only members of God's family, but this is not true. He creates all creatures. They are all His children, so why should we not love them all? The saying "AU  should be happy" does not only apply to humans.The Supreme Lord has created cows, and those cows freely and indiscriminately give milk to all. In the Vedas the cow is referred to as go mata,  Mother Cow, because she nourishes us with her own milk. It is not stated anywhere in the Bible that we may kill the cow, or any animal. In the original Aramaic language of the Bible, the word  "brosimus" has been used more than twenty times. "Brosimus" means "food" and it has been translated as "meat". In Old English "meat" did not mean "flesh"; it meant "food". But the English  language has changed, and today most people wrongly believe that the Holy Bible supports the eating of animal flesh.The Old Testament clearly states, "Thou shall not kill." This means we  should neither kill humans nor animals. The Koran also does not sanction the slaughtering and eating of cows. The Supreme Lord has not created animals for us to eat. For this purpose He has  created fruits, roots, milk, butter, grains and vegetables. He will not be happy if we harm any of His children, what to speak of killing our own mother.Trees, creepers, hogs and insects are also  children of the one Supreme Lord. In Indian Vedic culture it is said that one should not walk on a field after it has been plowed and the seeds have been sown there, for those seeds may die. We  should not give pain or suffering to any living being.We are all children of the Supreme Lord, who is the personi¬fication of supreme happiness and the reservoir of supreme happiness for all  others. We are part and parcel of that Happiness. The only difference between the Supreme Lord and ourselves is that He is unlimited and we are minute. We are qualitatively one with Him, but  unfortunately we have forgotten who we are. We should try to realize this truth. We must not quarrel with those of other religious faiths. The one true religion of all souls is love, and that religion is  one without a second. We should love God and also each other, and in this way people can live happily in this world.