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A Perfect Question


The Vedas tell an ancient history. There was once a self-realized soul named Yajnavalkya, and he served in the council of the great and celebrated King Janaka. He was very learned in the  Vedas and he was fully aware of the presence of the soul and Supersoul within the body.Yajnavalkya had two wives, Maitreyi and Katyayani. Once, in his old age, he called his two wives and said  to them: "We have lived as householders for many years. 1 have amassed vast amounts of gold and many cows, and I have also given each of you several children. 1 now want to divide all my  property between you so that you will be happy for the rest of your lives. After I have done this, please permit me to go to the forest to meditate deeply on the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

Hearing this, Katyayani became happy and said: "Your goal, which is very wonderful, is to meditate on the Supreme Lord. You are my husband, and I shall assist you in doing this.Maitreyi gave a  different response. She said, "I have a ques¬tion, and after you have answered it you can go with a glad heart. You are going to the forest because you are not satisfied with all the gold and  property you have accumulated during your life, or with your wives, children and friends. So do you think these things will then make us happy?Yajnavalkya replied: "You are truly my devoted wife.  By asking this question you have greatly pleased me. The answer to this question is discussed in all the Vedas. Gold and property " cannot give real happiness. Position in society, learning,  reputation, friendship and family can never make one truly happy. Money and whatever it may buy in this world cannot give us what we hanker for. We are parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord  and He is the reservoir of all happiness. Therefore we can find happiness only in Him. To serve Him is actual happiness, whereas the happiness we taste in this world is minute and also  perishable. Lord Krsna is an ocean of transcendental tasteful relationships and the embodiment of supreme happiness. He alone can satisfy us; so I wish to go now to the forest to attain Him.