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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Identity Crisis: Are we worth 2 USD

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The biggest problem is the identity crisis. Who am I? Am I this body, mind, intelligence, or the head, or the nose? If one can find out one's real identity, then he can work to­wards achieving lasting happi­ness. We are not these bodies; we are  pure spiritual souls (Atma). The existence of the soul is not based on the blind faith of a group of religious followers, as some people wrongly think. It can be proved through logic and understanding...

Once some scientists analyzed all the chemicals present in the body and after death the total "Market Value" of the chemical and other components of the body was just around $2 or Rs 110!!! Infact no one is willing to even pay that for the dead body and we have to infact pay get the dead body cremated or burnt. So what was it in the body which was of real value which is not there at the time of death? It is us!!! We are the soul, the spiritual spark living inside the body. We leave our body at the time of death and take on another body just like we give up our old clothes and put on new ones.

Know Who You Are Before You Know Your Mind!!!

Am I This Body?
Am I This Hair?
Am I This Hand?
Am I Thls Nose?
Am I This coat?
Who Am I ?

It Is Easy To Point To Your Eye Or Nose, But Can You Point to the actual Yourself?
Real Knowledge means to identify the actual You so that you can give happiness tto he real you not justto this chemical body.

Anybody who argues that this body is all in all, and that there is noth­ing as a soul of higher dimension within this body, has to ask himself whether his parents would sell him off for $2 or Rs 110?

If your friend travelling on his bicycle falls off it, what will you do? You will forget the bicycle worth $50 on the road and rush the body of your friend worth $2 to the near­est hospital. Even if your friend, riding in a Mercedes Benz, faces a head-on collision with another car, you'll anx­iously rush to the hospital with his $2 body, bothering the least about the $50,000 car lying on the road side. So it is not so difficult for a sane man to appreciate that there has to be something very special and supe­rior in a living body, which everyone values so much, even though one may not be in com­plete knowledge of the eternal soul. The soul is the real eternal personality residing in this temporary body. Yet the entire world, with all its advancement, is only learning to pamper this useless body worth $2, which is nothing more than a bag of chemicals.

The soul can be compared to a driver and the body to a vehicle. The soul is the spark of life that makes the body appear alive and when the soul leaves the body, we say the person is 'dead'. An analogy of a car can be given in this regard. There are headlights in the car to see the road, you also see with your eyes. The car produces sound with the horn, you also speak. The car has four wheels, you also have two hands and two legs. The car moves from place to place and you also do the same. But once the driver gets down from the car, the car cannot budge one inch on its own, even after 100 years. Similarly when a man dies, the body is exactly like a car with­out a driver. The body, which we see, is actually dead. It appears to be alive be­cause of the presence of the soul. When the soul leaves the body, the body be­comes inactive.

The body is also compared to a cage and the soul is compared to a parrot in the cage. So if someone takes very good care of the cage by polishing it very carefully and keeping it clean, but ignores the needs of the resident parrot, then the whole purpose of keeping the parrot in the cage is defeated. In today's society people are making all possible arrangements only for bodily comforts and luxuries, but spiritually ev­eryone is starving their soul (which is actually them), and hence everyone is un­happy and dissatisfied. Since the soul is spiritual, it requires spiritual nourishment in the form of the spiritual divine Mantras from the spiritual world which are the Nityananda and Gauranga Mantrarajas, and, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Raama Hare Raama Raama Raama Hare Hare! (Adapted and commented by Swami Gaurangapada from an article compiled by Raadheshyaama daasa.)