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Monday, June 4, 2007

Greed and Technology

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Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! People ask for peace of mind but they want to very carefully preserve their material greed. But the truth is peace of mind and material greed are incompatibles. You have to make your choice. It is wisely said, 'God has provided for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed.'  An angry man can be pacified when he gives vent to his anger by chastising some­one; a thirsty man can be satisfied by having some water; a hungry man can be satisfied by having some food. But a greedy man can never be satisfied by anything, no matter how much he accumulates. So the only way to deal with greed is to give up the greedy mentality.

People go on increasing their facilities more and more, thinking that they are becoming bigger and bigger controllers. But, by increas­ing their facilities, they end up becoming slaves of those facilities. Just imagine a modern man surrounded on all sides by modern gadgets. He has a grinder; so he has no need to use his hand. He has a mobile phone; so he doesn't have to move from his bed to attend to phone calls. He has a remote control; so he doesn't have to get up from his bed for switching on the television. Nowadays there are remote switches even for fans and lights and one can switch them on from one's bed. In this way man has increased his luxuries and facilities and he thinks, "The control for the whole world is at my finger tips. Just by a slight move­ment of my fingers, I can control everything around me."

But, in the process, he becomes utterly dependent on these gadgets. If even one of them doesn't work properly, he becomes miserable. And what is the ultimate consequence of such needless indulgence? Those who use such gad­gets throughout their lives get a variety of bodily maladies in their old age. And when they go to a doctor, he tells them, "You have not done any exercise throughout your life. So now you have to move your hand up and down as if you were drawing water from a well." Or You have to rotate your hand working on a grinder " Or "You have every  ' morning for walking or jogging."

What an irony! By the arrangement of na­ture, man has to do all these things and, if he does them, he will never get rheumatic pain or any such sickness. But considering such basic bodily activities to be troublesome, he works hard to earn money to get gadgets to avoid doing these things. But on getting such gad­gets, he suffers because he becomes utterly dependent on them. And, in the end, he gets health problems and is forced to do the very things, which he originally wanted to avoid! But despite the foolishness of it all, unfor­tunately people today increase their needs more and more and work hard like donkeys to accumulate more wealth for procuring these facilities. But it only entraps them fur­ther. For example, in the modern times, there is the credit card system. A person can take any gadget he wants just by showing his credit card. Tempted by the desire to have the best facilities in his house, he takes many expen­sive gadgets. But later he finds out that he has to work like a donkey for another ten or twenty years just to pay the installments for what he purchased using his credit card.

So in this way people think that they are getting more and more facilities and that they are enjoying but actually they are only increas­ing their suffering. The material nature cre­ated by the Lord, Maya, is so powerful that she thoroughly cheats those who try to ex­ploit her resources without using them in the service of God, as is illustrated by the follow­ing story.

Once upon a time a sadhu was climbing a mountain. Finding the climb laborious, he thought how nice it would be if he could climb the mountain on horseback. He therefore started singing, "Hey Rama ghodi dila de, hey Rama, ghodi dila de". "O Lord Rama please give me a horse. " And lo and behold! While he was praying like this, a passerby came and, seeing a sadhu struggling to climb the moun­tain, donated a horse. The sadhu was very happy that the Lord had fulfilled his desire immediately. He promptly mounted the horse and contin­ued climbing up the mountain. After some time, all of a sudden, the horse stopped and, despite repeated proddings, would not budge even an inch. When he got down to see what was wrong, he noticed that the horse was actually a mare. She had been pregnant and had just given birth to a baby horse. And due to her natural mater­nal affection for her offspring, she was not ready to leave it.

Perplexed, the sadhu wondered how he could make the horse move. Suddenly an idea struck him and he picked up the baby horse and started walking. Being attached to her off­spring, the mare quietly followed him. The sadhu was very pleased with himself, "Just see how clever I am! I have tricked the horse into walking." But after just a few steps he started panting due to the weight of the foal. He then started thinking, "Hey! Wait a minute! I wanted a horse to carry me, but I have ended up carry­ing a horse! I was much better off earlier; at least I did not have any burden to carry."

In this way we sometimes increase our fa­cilities in order to enjoy life but later we see that those very facilities become sources of trouble; we become slaves of those facilities. (Compiled by Radheshyam Dasa, Jaigopala Dasa, Chaitanya Charana Dasa, Sundara Vara Dasa.)