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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Economic Progress but Internal Disturbance

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As we move into the 21st Century, we see that Science and Technology have reached heights, which could not have been imagined a few hundred  years ago. There are so many modern amenities today like air-conditioners, vehicles, 5-star hotels, the finest of vehicles, a communication system due to which the en­tire earth has shrunk, etc. The purpose of Sciences is to either eliminate all miseries, or at best to reduce miseries, and thereby bring more and more happiness in the lives of the common people...

So what should we expect to find in the technologically most advanced countries? We should expect the most cherished qualities of love, peace and fraternity amongst the citizens. However, the present day scenario is just the opposite.

The world's leading eco­nomic giants although hundreds of times more scientifically and technologically advanced than developing countries, strangely show the high­est suicide rates amongst the young and rich citizens! People are somehow 'surviving' in these countries. They are always anxiety-rid­den, frustrated and very disturbed. We are not philosophizing — we are just stating facts. The divorce rate in some countries today is more than 75% in the first three years of mar­riage. More and more people (especially of the higher income class in the countries) are forced to take sleeping pills in order to sleep at night, and they also visit psychiatrists regularly. People are so terrified they have to screen their guests through a lens on their door, and for better safety they install several security systems. This 'culture' has now invaded the cities of the developing countries. People move ex­actly like rots or zombies with no emotions, or at best false emotions. In some places in the world, if one moves out of the house after dusk and comes back alive, successfully escaping the drugs and violence, he or she can be consid­ered exceptionally lucky.


Shrila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada would often give an example, which illustrates the condition of modern society today. If we take a pack of dogs and put them in a locked room, what do you expect to happen? Would they be smiling at one another? Would they develop loving relationships amongst themselves? One would hardly expect that! In fact they would be bark­ing, screaming, biting, quarreling and killing one another. A very similar situation can be observed in some parts of today's society. If 'Knowledge is power', what are we doing with all our knowl­edge if we are unable to control the world situ­ation today?

One need not blame the government, politicians, bu­reaucrats, police officials, judiciary etc. for the prob­lems that the world faces to­day. We are INTERNALLY DISTURBED, so we create disturbances for others. We have to evaluate the nature of our mind to understand and practice the ART OF MIND CON­TROL by chanting the Nityananda and Gauranga Mantrarajas, and, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Raama Hare Raama Raama Raama Hare Hare! (Adapted from an article compiled by Raadheshyaama daasa.)