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We Are Part and Parcel of the Supreme Self


The Vedas instruct us, "Don't live in darkness; move toward the light." "Light" refers to knowledge of our true spiritual form, of the Supreme Lord of whom we are minute parts and parcels, and of  the eternal relationship of loving service we have with Him. That Supreme Lord is known in the Vedas as Lord krishna, which means the all-attractive reservoir of complete pleasure, knowledge  and eternal existence. He has many manifestations and they are all non-different from Him. He is the supreme person \ve generally call God, Allah or Jehovah. To serve Him in our constitutional  or spiritual form is light, and this service brings full and eternal happiness."Darkness" refers to the state of spiritual ignorance. To be in darkness or ignorance means to be attached to objects  related to this body and to have a sense of possessiveness toward the things of this world. Everyone in this world wants to be completely happy and no one wants to suffer. We can see,  however, that despite people's endeavors to attain happiness since time immemorial, they have not been truly successful.Medicines, trains, airplanes and now computers have been invented  with the intention of creating convenience and happiness, and new forms of entertainment have been designed for this purpose. But has all this given anyone lasting inner happiness? It is  especially thought that accumulating wealth can buy happiness, but who has ever become permanently happy by becoming wealthy?


There is, however, a transcendental science, a spiritual scientific process that leads one to eternal happiness and puts an end to one's cycle of birth and death. That science is called hakti-yoga,  or pure devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Performance of bhakti-yoga does not require money, nor does it require us to expend much energy, but by practicing it we attain  everlasting happiness. Just over five hundred years ago, the Supreme Lord krishna descended to this world in the form of His own devotee, SrI Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and He demonstrated the  process of performing pure devotion to God. By that process one realizes his own self as part and parcel of God. He experiences love and affection for all living beings, knowing they are part and  parcel of the same God, and he naturally attains true inner happiness.In this world it is absurd to think that one can have love and affection for all living entities. If you get too close to a ferocious  tiger it will attack you, and a poisonous snake may bite you. If you really want to love all beings, first love the Supreme Lord. That love will automatically be distributed to all beings and in this way  everyone can be happy. This is true love and affection. In that realm of love even tigers and bears can be calmed and quieted. Great sages of the past who resided in dense forests were never  attacked by tigers or other wild beasts. If we can attain that love for the Supreme, we can truly love all others.