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The Nature of the Supreme Self


[in order to be attracted to love that Supreme Being, we first need to know who He is, what His nature is, and what His attractive qualities are.]


One who can create entire universes cannot be formless or without attributes. He must have all varieties of power and opulence. All the forms we see in this world have come from Him, so how  can He Himself be formless? The Bible says that God has created man in His own image, and this is also confirmed in the Vedas. He is ever-existing, and in the Vedas He is called Brahman  (which refers to the impersonal effulgence of His body), Paramatma (His manifestation as the Supersoul in the heart of all beings) and Bhagavan (the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who  embodies all opulence and powers). Of these three, only Bhagavan is complete. Brahman and Paramatma are His partial expansions. Everything is present in Bhagavan. He is so large that  complete universes are contained within Him. Simultaneously, He is so minute that He resides in each and every atom - in every atom of air, in every atom of fire and in every atom of water. He is  everywhere and He can hear everything.


The Supreme Personality of Godhead is one without a second. He is the same God for the Christians, for the Muslims, for the Hindus and for all others. There are not different Gods. He is the  same God, the same Allah, the same Christ. Just as there is one sun and one moon for the entire world, there is one God for all people. How can there be more than one God? There is only one  God, but He appears differently according to individual vision.For fifteen days the moon appears to gradually increase in size until it becomes full. Its size then begins to decrease until it becomes  a new moon on the last day of the lunar month. In this way it appears that there are fifteen different moons. These "moons" are not different from each other; only their names and appearances  differ: full moon, new moon, quarter moon and so on. Similarly, there is only one God, but people have, in ignorance, separated themselves from each other and from Him, due to their different  languages and conceptions of Him.


All forms and incarnations of God are His manifestations and are non-different from Him. Some, being more complete, are more powerful; and some are less powerful - just as the full moon is  always the same moon, perceived as full, new, quarter, etc. In reality the moon is always full, but we see it to be waxing or waning. In the same way Lord Krsna is one without a second, and He  has innumerable manifestations who are all non-different from Him. He sometimes manifests in this world personally, and sometimes He sends His associates here to disseminate pure  knowledge. In this world all souls are His eternal servants, but we have forgotten Him since the beginning of creation. He sometimes descends, therefore, and performs very sweet and powerful  pastimes to attract us and engage us in His service. No one doubts the existence of the sun, so why should one doubt the existence of the creator of the sun or thousands of suns? That  personality can create millions upon millions of worlds in a moment, and He can also destroy them. He comes to this world only to save us from suffering, by establishing a relationship with us  and by engaging us in His loving service. There is no other way to become happy in this or any other world. There is only one God, and ignorance of our eternal, individual relationship with Him is  the only cause of our unhappiness.


We need not fear serving Him, thinking it to be like serving someone of this world where the master gains and the servant loses. It is not like that in the realm of spiritual love. One receives great  happiness in serving Him, a very relishable love and affection that is even more than one receives by serving one's wife, husband, children, father and so on. There are oceans of love and  affection in Krsna's transcendental realm. Have very firm faith in this. Do not doubt that we are spirit souls, parts and parcels of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and that we are His eternal  servants.