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5. Conclusion


This article presents an overview of the current three rational theories namely evolution theory, intelligent design, and fine tuning. A close study reveals that Darwin's natural selection and the associated biological evolution theories are inadequate on many grounds. Random mutation and mechanism of macro-evolution appear to be scientifically unsubstantiated. On the other hand, the intelligent design and fine tuning theories appear to There is a "Big Vision" behind this more close to the existing realities and try to make out reasons behind the functioning of the existing systems. In the fine tuning theory we see that physical constants of nature seem to be exquisitely fine-tuned for the evolution and maintenance of life. However, all these theories still appear to be far behind in answering the fundamental questions of life and universe. Vedanta is the topmost scientific and philosophical treatise of the spiritual and cultural heritage of India. Vedantic viewpoint holds that God, The Supreme Absolute Truth, has created all the lives and universes for a specific purpose and He maintains this cosmic manifestation for that purpose. There is a "Big Vision" behind this creation [20]. Therefore, it appears advisable to take advantage of the wisdom available in Vedantic literatures and follow a synthetic approach of scientific inquiry and spiritual realizations in search of the Ultimate Reality of the life and universe.