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2.1.3 Micro and Macro-evolution


It is universally agreed that wolves, coyotes, dingoes, jackals, foxes, and the hundreds of different domestic dog breeds probably all came from an original pair of dogs. This is variation within a kind, and called micro-evolution. However, it is not upward evolution from simplicity to complexity as supposed by Darwinian evolutionary theory. The variations are always in a downward trend and are constrained by the genetic code. No new genetic information is added, genetic information is always lost: There is no observed instance where genetic information was ever added to make a beneficial mutation. There is no known process by which genetic information can be added. Most mutants who arise in any organism are more or less disadvantageous to their possessors.While Micro-evolution (variations within a kind) is observed and well documented, Macro-evolution is not and thus highly disputable. Macro-evolution is transition from one kind of plant or animal into another. Macro-evolution involves large or important changes in the basic function of an organism. Macro-evolutionary theory, in a nutshell, asserts that random processes (of lightning) have produced billions of tons of building blocks for life in the primordial oceans in hundreds of millions of years; these building blocks started to combine themselves into ever more complex molecules, developed themselves into reproducing macro molecules, turned themselves into RNA, then into DNA,subsequently into cells, and finally these cells arranged themselves into ever complicated organisms. Table 1 gives an indicative time scale of macro evolution based on Darwinian theory while the figure 1 illustrates the gradual development of a species.


Marshall says that evolution through random mutation is possibly the greatest myth in modern science. Random mutations cause birth defects, tumors, cancer, death and extinction; mutations are helpful in only the rarest of circumstances and are completely incapable of introducing significant improvements. The current dogma which says random mutations drive evolution is almost completely false. Evolution via random mutation is nothing more than an urban legend. Randomness as a theory of biological diversity is not merely bad science, it's a wholesale avoidance of scientific inquiry, [5].It is asserted that micro-evolution, not macro has been observed. The rest is speculation. This macro-evolution theory is (1) in conflict with empirical science; (2) is not supported by any empirical evidence; (3) is falsified by the combination of the initial Miller experiment and the adjusted-Miller experiment; (4) cannot be true, since if it were true complex molecules and molecular structures would become available without effort for free, putting the greater part of chemical industry out of business. The macro-evolution theory is as invalid as the theory mat the earth is flat or that the sun is spinning around the earth, [6].